One Piece Chapter 635


From the ship decks of the world, part 19: “A certain corporate chairman, recognized by the World Nobles: The Kingdom of Black Drum is created!”
Wapol has been able to create a new kingdom for himself. Miss Universe and his robot dog are by his side.


While Zeo still sends his comrades after the Straw Hat Pirates, the latter remains quite calm. Meanwhile, Hody Jones tries to get rid of Shirahoshi with “Uchimizu”. However, his attack is stopped by Jinbe with the same attack. He calls Hody an amateur in fish-man karate. The New Fishmen Pirates notices that Jinbe’s bounty has increased to over 400 million berries after the Battle of Marine Ford.

The gang’s bombardment unit is now supposed to finish off the princess, but she makes Brook think she’s at a festival with “Party Music”. Afterwards he finishes her off with “Quinto Tierce Fantasia”.

Zoro is attacked by the Iron Shield unit, but he summons a cutting whirlwind with “Kokujō: O Tatsu Maki” that should still chase the pirates to the depths of hell.

While some mermen try to attack Shirahoshi from the air, Sanji is threatened by the sea urchin barbed unit. There seems to be no way out, but the cook merely remembers how he was chased by the trannies on Momoiro. At some point there was no place to run to then either, so he fled into the air. He does the same in his current situation via “Sky Walk”. Up there he also gets rid of the water sprites who want to attack the princess with “Poêle à Frire Spectre”.

Robin, meanwhile, created two giant feet with Mil Fleurs, Gigantesco Mano, Stomp, which she stomps on her opponents. The Death Poison Unit is supposed to stop her with poison, but Franky rushes her with level 4 of the Soldier Dock System, the Black Rhino FR-U 4. A large fish man with a ball chain goes to destroy Franky’s bike, but he is suddenly gunned down by the new level 5 of the Soldier Dock System: Brachio Tank 5! Inside the vehicle are Usopp, Nami, and Pappag, with the former controlling. Looking out of the hatch above is Chopper, and Luffy is excited to see the new weapons.

The inhabitants cheer, but Hody Jones now wants to sic the giant squid, which he had fetched from the North Pole, on the Straw Hats. But Luffy, who had tamed it before, calls out to Surume that he should take it on his back. This he does, and also finishes off some of the enemy fish-men, who cry out for help from their captain. Hody is furious!

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