One Piece Chapter 634


The Straw Hat Pirates swims through Fish Man Island along with Shirahoshi, Megalo, Camie, Pappag, Hatchan, the Killifish Mermaid Fives, and more mermaids.


A few hours earlier in the sea forest: While Luffy still wants to fight the pirates, Jinbe asks him to do so not as a brute, but as a hero of this island. Luffy, however, does not want to do this because a hero would have to share his flesh with others. However, after Jinbe promises him oodles of it, he finally agrees. The former samurai now explains his plan: First he lets himself, Shirahoshi and Megalo be captured so that Luffy can then secretly slip out of the shark’s mouth and the Straw Hats can steal the letter of Tenryuubito and the keys to Neptune’s chains. After that, he wants to call Luffy for help so that the people of the land understand that the two are allies. After that, they should finally escape and free their friends from Ryuuguu Palace. However, Luffy doesn’t want the residents to celebrate him.

Present, Gyoncorde Plaza: Hody Jones rises again after being kicked away by Luffy. The residents celebrate their savior, while Zeo advises the assembled Straw Hat Pirates. However, the latter pays him no mind at all, rejoicing that the “Yowahoshi” plan worked. Shirahoshi thanks them, but asks Luffy why he always called them a weakling until now. However, he himself realizes that she’s actually not that much of a weakling. After all, she’s been able to fulfill her mother’s wish of not hating her killer all these years. Jinbe thinks this seed that grew in her will eventually reach the whole island and the fight of humans and fish people will finally stop. He himself wants to protect Shirahoshi.

Hody Jones now reaches the center of the plaza again and is enraged because Vander Decken IX was completely useless. He was unable to finish off the princess. He admits to falling right into Jinbe’s trap and expresses his hatred towards him for working with humans, despite being a former comrade of Fisher Tiger and Arlong, both of whom were defeated by human hands. Jones himself would have killed all the human regents at this year’s Conference of Kings, the “Levely”, and then dragged people from all over the world to the bottom of the sea and made them slaves. Finally, he wants to become a pirate king. He then sics his 100,000 underlings on the Straw Hats, though Luffy alone takes out half of them with his Haoushoku. He proclaims to Hody that there is only one pirate king needed, namely himself, and attacks the remaining pirates with Gear 3. The rest of the Straw Hat gang also gets ready for battle and Franky wants to test the Thousand Sunny’s new weapon.

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