One Piece Chapter 633


From the Ship Decks of the World, Part 18: “Island of Giants, Little Garden”.
Brogy and Dorry are still fighting and there is no end in sight to their duel. Above them, newspaper gulls have dropped some newspapers.


Hody Jones asks Shirahoshi how she would have known that he had killed her mother Otohime. She found out from her shark Megalo, who was the pet of the Neptune Army at the time and witnessed everything. The princess never told anyone, however, as her mother, when she was dying, asked that she not harbor any hatred towards her killer. The princes and Jinbe are amazed, as it seemed impossible to grant such a wish. Hody just laughs at them now. After all, if she had told anyone, this situation would never have happened. As a further taunt, he finally attacks Shirahoshi’s brothers and her father with “Yabusame”.

On the walls of Gyoncorde Plaza, children ask Shyarly when, according to her prediction, Straw Hat Luffy will destroy the island. They hoped this would happen now, as it would be bad for them, but also bad for the New Fishmen Pirates. The adults agree with their offspring. As a result, the residents call out loudly for Luffy.

Hody, who thinks Shyarly’s prediction is a lie anyway, is now ready to execute King Neptune, so Shirahoshi screams for help from Luffy. The latter is suddenly spat out by Megalo, runs towards Hodys and kicks him hard into a wall. The villagers are surprised that he really came. According to Jinbe, he had come out earlier than planned, but nothing else was possible now. He also calls the others, when suddenly Nami, who was invisible until just now because of her “Mirage”, appears. She has already stolen the letter of the world aristocrat as well as the keys for the shackles of the royal family, which she has already given to Robin. In heaven, the Thousand Sunny is already hovering as well as Hoe. While Franky gives the command to fire the Gaon cannon, the whale brings King Neptune and his sons to safety. The locals ask Luffy if he really wants to destroy the island, if he kidnapped the mermaids, and why he had taken Ryuuguu Palace. They want to know if they are enemies or friends of Fishmen Island. Luffy says the answer to that question is up to them. The entire Straw Hat Pirates is gathered at Gyoncorde Plaza!

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