One Piece Chapter 632


From the Ship Decks of the World, Part 17: “A Bounty Hunting Family from Whisky Peak”.
Former Baroque agents Mr. 9 and Miss Monday are now married, have a child together, and still live as bounty hunters in Whisky Peak. While the wife reads the current newspaper, her hubby plays with the baby.


The rest of the townspeople also rush to Gyoncorde Plaza to watch the battle between the commanders of the New Fishmen Gang and the princes.

Jinbe, Shirahoshi and Megalo are also on their way to the square, but the princess discovers her father in the process, though it’s actually a dummy.

Because the opponents took energy steroids, the princes were also defeated and chained just like their father Neptune. Hody Jones is still worried though, as Shirahoshi should still be alive and he fears her power to summon sea kings. However, those same ones, as well as Jinbe, are suddenly presented to him trapped as well, as the princess had gotten too close to the fake Neptune. The only obstacles to Hody’s plan now would be the Straw Hats, but even if they showed up, preparations would have already been made. Eventually, 70,000 fish people capable of handling weapons and 30,000 captured human slaves enter the plaza, all of them on Jones’ side. However, Madame Shyarly suddenly stands up and says that she foresaw that it wasn’t Jones who would destroy Fish-Man Island, but “Straw Hat” Luffy. Enraged by this, Hody attacks the fortune-telling lady, who is Arlong’s sister. Hody Jones finally reveals that he had actually shot Queen Otohime ten years ago and only blamed the human at the time. Everyone present is shocked. Neptune, of course, is beside himself with anger, but is attacked as well as Shyarly. Shirahoshi, however, thinks that she knew from the beginning.

Fishmen District, Noah: Vander Decken has touched the Ark with his right hand, which is why the Ark is now slowly moving towards Shirahoshi through his devil power. As the ship is half the size of Fishmen Island, this would mean the end for them…

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