One Piece Chapter 631


From the ship decks of the world, part 16: “Cape of Twins”.
Crocus is drinking sake with a mysterious person, of whom only the back can be seen. Laboon is watching the two of them, with his mouth wide open. He seems very taken aback.


Fishmen’s District, Noah: After Shirahoshi’s cancellation, Vander Decken’s heart is broken. He’s shaved the hair off his head and is desperate since he can’t even kill the princess through Luffy. However, he suddenly comes up with a brilliant plan.

Gyoverly Hills: The entire Neptune army, including the Minister on the right and the Minister on the left, was defeated by the sea monsters of the New Fishmen Pirates.

A gathering of residents has gathered outside the closed Gyoncorde Plaza. They climb onto the buildings of the plaza to see what is going on inside. There, meanwhile, Hody Jones, his men, and their sea monsters, including the giant squid Surume, have gathered to execute King Neptune. Jones himself has changed greatly due to the effects of the energy steroids and now has white hair and seems noticeably more muscular. One of the defeated Neptune army soldiers present now pulls out dynamite and intends to take at least one of the enemy commanders with him to his death. Jones thwarts this, however, with the attack “Gekisui”, throwing some water at the opponent. However, due to his transformation, the projectile travels even to Mermaid Bay. According to his own statement, Hody Jones feels incredible.

Suddenly the three princes storm the place. They are attacked by the sea monsters, but they defeat those with a single attack. They swear that the pirates will not get the king’s head, the land of the inhabitants, or the Ryuuguu Kingdom. A battle ensues between the princes and the commanders of the New Fishmen pirate gang.

Meanwhile, Jinbe and Shirahoshi on Megalo also rush to Gyoncorde Plaza to stop Jones. Luffy’s whereabouts remain uncertain…


  • In the Weekly Shōnen Jump version, the chapter stated that Gyoncorde Plaza was 150 km from Mermaid Bay. However, this was a mistake on Eiichiro Oda’s part, so this information was removed in the Tankōbon version.
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