One Piece Chapter 630


From the ship decks of the world, part 15: “Loguetown”
Tanne has hung an enlarged picture of Zoro’s wanted poster above his bathtub. His wife, who is holding the current newspaper, seems less enthusiastic about it.


Fishmen’s Island, Watermill District: While the three Neptune brothers have set out for Gyoncorde Plaza, Dosun, previously defeated by Fukaboshi, is still tied up with his men. From the way he speaks, you can tell he is completely exhausted. He thinks that Hody Jones will not save them, as he is an irrational extremist. One of his men is eventually able to administer an E.S. pill to him, giving Dosun new powers. While enthusiastically ranting about humans again, he is able to break his bonds. He takes his hammer in one hand and immediately destroys an entire house with it, vowing revenge on Fukaboshi in the process. He then sets off for the execution at Gyoncorde Plaza with the rest of the gang present.

In front of the meeting hall of the Fishermen’s Guild is the already drunk Hyouzou. The pirates present try to calm him down and also transport him to the plaza, but the waterman also known as the “alcoholic assassin” manages to grab his swords and slash those near him. Afterwards, he stammers out a battle cry to the Neptune army.

Marine Shopping Mall: One of the residents is suddenly shot at with a gun out of nowhere. Also, someone gives a speech about how there is no hope for the residents. This is Zeo, who can adapt to his surroundings much like a chameleon, making him invisible. A few of his men suddenly discover a cockroach and start beating it. But this one was Zeo himself, who now lies injured on the ground and, as if nothing had happened, continues talking after a short stop. He, too, initiates the walk to Gyoncorde Plaza.

Meanwhile, the three princes are also on their way to the place to save their father. They have now realized so many things.

Gyoverly Hills: Not even the Neptune Army including the Minister on the right and the Minister on the left stand a chance against the Sea Bear of the New Fishmen Gang. The pirates also want him to comply, so they try to scare him with fire. However, this gives Ikaros Much a panic attack and he is afraid of becoming dried octopus, which is based on the fact that his former friend Daidalos once got too close to the sun and was thus roasted. He then stabs the pirate who started the fire with one of his dried squid spears, draining all the water from his body. Thereupon he beats him unceasingly, so that the latter is even flattened.

The Neptune army now catches sight of the rest of the New Fishmen gang in the sky on some sea monsters, along with the bound Neptune. But there is something wrong with Hody Jones: he took too many E.S. pills and is now writhing in pain. After a tremendous cry of pain, however, he seems to rise again. The sea bear is scared like never before at the sight of him now.

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