One Piece Chapter 629


From the Ship Decks of the World, Part 14: “Coco”
Around Bell-mère’s grave, Genzo, Nojiko, Nako, and Chabo have gathered.


Fishmen Island, Sea Forest: The Straw Hats want to prevent their captain from fighting. Luffy himself doesn’t want to fight Jinbe either and tries to escape to the palace with Megalo, but the former Samurai of the Seas stops Luffy using Fishman Karate. The rubber boy is hit by his friend’s attack and goes down. Even though Luffy is made of rubber, the attack has an effect. According to Jinbe, this is because the masters of Fish Man Karate are able to incorporate water into the environment with their attacks, including that in people’s bodies. Thus, he was able to inflict damage on Luffy.

The fight between the two continues. As they rush towards each other, Robin suddenly appears between them and demands that the fight be stopped. Unable to stop her attacks just yet, they yell at her to get out of the way, but Robin doesn’t budge. Love-struck, Sanji intervenes to save Robin, but just before Sanji or the fighters reach her, Robin disappears. Luffy, Jinbe, and Sanji go down. Robin appears behind Chopper and says that friends shouldn’t fight each other.

During the break, Jinbe tries to convince Luffy of his point of view. He explains that Luffy should not fight Hody Jones, as in doing so he would only perpetuate history, namely the oppression of the fish people by the humans, in the eyes of the fish people population. There are even fish people who believe that Luffy fought Arlong not because of what he did, but simply because of the fact that Arlong is a fish person. Thus, according to Jinbe, there would never be a change in the fish people’s thinking if the same man who defeated Arlong defeated Hody. Sanji retorts that it’s only natural for them to want to free their captured nakama. Besides, the Straw Hats themselves already have friends on Fish-Man Island that they can’t leave to their fate. He then approaches Hatchan and says that while he doesn’t want to talk about his attacker, he’s sure it was Hody since Hatchan sympathizes with humans. He tells Jinbe that they need to stay themselves since they have a reason to fight: their friends.

Luffy and Jinbe are not persuaded and continue to insist on their opinions and want to continue to each fight Hody themselves. The fight breaks out again.

King’s Palace: Hody and his men leave the castle, leaving only a few guards behind who can reopen the gate for them should they return. Since Hody is still banged up from fighting Zoro, he takes E.S.. He is not worried about the prisoners, as no one could enter the palace without the gate being opened for them. One of his subordinates reports that the inhabitants of the Fishmen’s District have set out to enter Fishmen’s Island. Hody is happy about this and wants to give them the apartments where the fish people lived, who will leave the island or be killed during the “purge”. His dream of a man-hating fish-man island is taking shape.

At the Candy Factory: Daruma, who loves to gnaw the flesh off the bones of people or fish, gnaws away at the factory as his teeth cry out for something to do. He decides to look for soldiers and nobles to gnaw the flesh off of, and orders his subordinates to catch up to him. They leave the prisoners unattended, as they have the list that contains the names of the human sympathizers. After the pirates leave, the inhabitants of the district are left behind. Their only hope is the three Neptune brothers.

In the palace: Brook presents his new ability: he can separate his soul from his body and thus float through objects. He sets out to find Pappag, who is supposed to bring Zoro his sword so they can escape. However, Pappag flees from Brook’s soul.


  • The Robin that got between Luffy and Jinbe was a Robin created by Robin’s Devil Fruit.
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