One Piece Chapter 628


The straw hats show off their individual skills.


Fish-Man Island, Candy Factory District: The residents are forced to step on the Fumi-e with Otohime’s picture on it, which bores Daruma. Meanwhile, the broadcast of the speech of its captain, Hody Jones, also starts. He declares that there will be an overthrow and rebirth of the kingdom, naming himself the new king in the process. Anyone who wants to live with humans shall continue to disappear from the island. Also, many inhabitants of the Fishmen district, who also despise humanity, will immigrate, causing the locals to tremble. The three princes also watch the speech from the coral hill in shock.

Also in the sea forest, the people there are watching the speech. At the same moment Jones shows his audience the captured King Neptune, his children and the inhabitants are shocked. He schedules an execution of that one in three hours at Gyoncorde Plaza. Furthermore, the fish-man found the letter on which the world aristocrat declared his support towards the sea people, as well as the signatures collected by the royal family. While he threatens to tear up the former, he calls all those who signed traitors, all of whom he intends to dispose of. His final message is to the Straw Hat Pirates. He has Zoro, Usopp, and Brook locked in a cage hanging in a room, which in turn is filled with water. Hody Jones announces that he will grab the head of the 400 million rookie Luffy and show it to the people on the surface of the water. After he declares the great purge of the Ryuuguu Kingdom has begun, the broadcast ends. Fukaboshi wants to stop the plans of the leader of the New Fishmen Pirates.

At the Ryuuguu Palace, Zoro, Brook, and Usopp are stuck in said cage. However, the three of them are less worried and even fool around with each other.

In the middle of the sea forest, Robin has found the Poneglyph. Unlike the others she had seen so far, this one seems to be more of an apology letter. Also, a certain “Joy Boy” appears in the text.

In another part of the sea forest, Luffy is happy to see that his bounty has increased. Afterwards, Princess Shirahoshi wants to go rescue her father, but is stopped by Jinbe and Hatchan. The latter thinks Jones herself is afraid of her ability to summon giant sea kings and is effectively using Neptune as a shield. He has also allied himself with Vander Decken IX, who has long been after Shirahoshi, for this reason. The princess herself hasn’t even noticed her ability yet. In the meantime, it would be enough if Jones just knew about the threat, Jinbe thinks. Now Luffy wants to set out to fight the fish man. Jinbe, again, wants to stop him, since that would only further fuel the hatred against humanity. He would take care of it himself. With Luffy’s crew in danger, as well as many others, Luffy thinks Jinbe should try to stop him first. The latter accepts the challenge…

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