One Piece Chapter 626


From the ship decks of the world, part 12: “Baratié expansion, dessert ship Anko”.
In addition to the Baratié headquarters, there is now a separate submarine, in which only desserts are offered. Patty now also works in that one and presents it proudly.


In order to age Shirahoshi faster so that he can marry her already, Vander Decken IX plans to have his men steal Urashima’s casket, which is supposed to be in Ryuuguu Palace. However, his companions think that it would be easier for them to enter the palace if Decken marries Shirahoshi beforehand. The fish-man agrees, and looks forward to the day when he can finally fulfill the dream that all of Decken’s previous van’s have been chasing.

Fish-Man Island, Gyoncorde Square: Queen Otohime presents the note she returned from Mary Geoise with. On it, a world aristocrat wrote that the signatures received for the petition to improve the relationship between humans and fish people have his fullest support. If they can present that note, along with the signatures of many citizens, to the Conference of Kings, the “Levely,” something can be accomplished and they can migrate across the surface of the sea. At first, only the children of the kingdom approach Otohime to submit their signatures. The queen is glad to have reached at least those, but she is surprised by her people. Just about every inhabitant shows their support and soon Otohime begins to cry with joy. While the minister on the right brings a larger basket, the minister on the left takes her home, where her family is already waiting for her. King Neptune also sheds a few tears of happiness. After seven years of hard persuasion, Otohime’s efforts finally bear fruit. The people love her.

While there are still days of residents handing in signatures, the queen explains to her three sons that she had regained her courage after her daughter Shirahoshi summoned the sea kings the other day. The princes are surprised that their sister had summoned them. Otohime explains to the three of them the legend that is passed down in the royal family: Every few centuries, there is said to be a mermaid who can control the Sea Kings, and eventually a person will appear who will lead those. When that time comes, the world will be changed forever, in what form depends on the intentions of the person meant. However, Shirahoshi is not aware of her gift at the moment and if she were to summon the Sea Kings again in shock, they may destroy the island. Therefore, Otohime asks her sons to become strong warriors to protect her sister with their lives.

One day, the box with the signatures suddenly burst into flames. The soldiers of the Neptune army try to save the signatures, but suddenly a gunshot sounds. Otohime goes down bleeding. The residents, the soldiers, Aladine, Jinbe, and the Queen’s children are shocked. The place is immediately evacuated and medical help is called for. The princes rush to their mother and Vander Decken manages to touch Shirahoshi in the chaos. Fukaboshi angrily vows revenge on the culprit. Otohime once again thinks she was glad for the signatures that were given and asks her eldest son not to be angry about it. Little Shirahoshi almost starts calling the sea kings again, but Ryuboshi and Manboshi start singing and dancing despite the terrible events to keep their sister from crying. Fukaboshi promises his mother to collect the burned signatures again and that they will grow into strong warriors to protect Shirahoshi as promised. In her final words, Otohime says it will only be a little while longer before this land can be under the real sun. With her children she makes her special greeting one last time, the entire nation mourns.


In the same panel where Camie and Pappag are seen as children, the fish that Luffy drew back in Chapter 69 gets a cameo appearance.

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