One Piece Chapter 625



From the destroyed ship at the entrance to Fish-Man Island, a severely wounded World Aristocrat descends and confirms the deaths of any occupants beside him. Saint Mjosgard, as his name is, then begins firing, demanding medical attention without showing any respect for the inhabitants. The Neptune army wonders how they should deal with him. Hody Jones thinks they should kill him on the spot.

Meanwhile, because of the noise at the harbour, Vander Decken IX leaves the pub to see what is going on.

Flashback of the Tenryuubito: Mjosgard asks his father why their former slaves were able to return to Fishmen Island. The latter tells him about Jinbe joining the Samurai of the Seas and its consequences. As a result, the son decides to bring back their precious “Fish-Men Collection”.

Suddenly his former slaves appear in front of Mjosgard. They point their guns at the world aristocrat, because if he dies and no one presents reveals anything, it would just look like another accident. The residents now also demand Mjosgard’s immediate execution, but just before a bullet can hit him, Otohime appears and throws herself protectively in front of him. She demands that the guns be thrown to the ground since there are children present. Meanwhile, Jinbe also appears on the scene and asks Aladine what has happened so far. Then suddenly the princes and their sister Shirahoshi, who is now six years old, also appear behind their mother. The princess wants to know what a world aristocrat is. Her brother Fukaboshi says, a person to be afraid of. Meanwhile, the queen justifies her action by saying that the children should not inherit the hatred that the populace harbors. Her words remind Jinbe of Fisher Tiger. In ambush, Mjosgard now wants to grab his pistol, but this is noticed by Otohime’s children, causing Shirahoshi to start crying. Her cry attracts giant sea kings, everyone present is astonished, and the World Aristocrat faints. Vander Decken IX is reminded by Shirahoshi’s apparent powers of a legend in which a mermaid princess could control sea kings. Vander Decken I was in pursuit of that legend and so came to the bottom of the sea. Its descendant now rejoices at having finally found it. Now all he has to do is manage to marry her. Meanwhile, Otohime asks Aladine to take care of Mjosgard.

Weeks later, the medical treatment was completed and the world aristocrat’s life was saved. The now departing Saint Mjosgard, despite saving his life, is angry at the Fish-Men for pointing weapons at him. Queen Otohime also demands to come along, as they have business to attend to. Her husband Neptune wants to accompany her for safety, but she refuses, since if even a weak person like her can’t travel somewhere unharmed in the world, she can’t otherwise show that there is nothing to fear from the above ground. Otohime eventually goes with the World Aristocrat, and many anxious and sleepless nights befall the Ryuuguu Kingdom.

A week later, the queen returns. She was able to calm the Tenryuubito and now holds up a note that would become known as the “Light of Hope” of Fishmen Island.


  • On the double page spread when the Sea Kings make their appearance, the magazine version of the chapter features a sea creature wearing a Criminal shirt. However, since the clothing brand hadn’t been invented at the time, the T-shirt inscription was changed to “SIKU JITTA” for the anthology, meaning “Oops”.
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