One Piece Chapter 624


From the ship decks of the world, part 10: “Coco – boat brothers Yosaku and Johnny”.
Johnny and Yosaku sail around on a boat and present a huge fish they caught.


After Arlong is arrested by Borsalino, he is taken to Naval Base G2 to be interrogated.

In the next newspaper, the Sun Pirates can finally read the facts about Fisher Tiger’s death that came to light during the interrogation. However, much information is missing that would have tarnished the captain’s reputation, leading Jinbe and Aladine to conclude that Arlong had lied about this.

The Sun Pirates continues under the “Knight of the Seas” Jinbe, and with Tiger’s policy of not killing anyone, the fish people fought many more battles.

Naval Headquarters at the time: Rear Admiral Strawberry reports that the most brutal and strongest of the gang is Jinbe.

Fish-Man Island, Ryuuguu Palace: Through a letter from Jinbe, King Neptune and Queen Otohime learn the whole truth about Tiger’s death.

Otohime now continues to try to collect signatures to bring closer to the people. The residents show no enthusiasm for the Queen’s ideals after the demise of Fisher Tiger. Eventually, she returns home without a single new signature.

Day after day, Otohime rescued people from shipwrecks, taught children about life on land, and tried to get more people to sign her petition through speeches.

After a short time, the inhabitants, who have already signed, also decide to change their minds, so that in the end the queen has not a single signature left. She tries to be tough with her children, but Otohime cries bitter tears when she thinks she is unobserved.

The Goldfish Mermaid gets drunk shortly afterwards and gives a speech in this state. She complains about the rejection of her ideas by the population and regrets that in such a way the future of the children of Fishmen’s Island cannot be changed.

One day, Jinbe, who now has a bounty of 250,000,000, receives an offer from the world government to become one of the Seven Samurai. Kiss spurns the proposal, but the captain seriously considers accepting.

Ryuuguu Palace: Jinbe eventually became a samurai and was thus able to return to Fish Man Island. Also, as a result, the members of the Sun Pirates are pardoned and can live peacefully in their homeland again, if they wish. Likewise, it would be a step closer to the island coming to an agreement with the government, something he wants to do for Otohime, which would have been in Fisher Tiger’s mind as well. With the pardon, however, Jinbe thinks there are some things that would bother him. The Neptune Army soldier at the time, Hody Jones, expresses shock at the whale shark fishman’s words.

Thus, Arlong is released from the Impel Down. He is disappointed that Jinbe now becomes a “dog” of the “human” government and wants to form the Arlong Pirates again together with the slaves and his old crew.

On an island, Sun Pirates and Arlong Pirates finally part ways. Arlong tells Jinbe that if he wants to stop him, he should do it now. Otherwise, he will be the “wrath” of the fish people. Jinbe then beats up the saw-shark fish-man.

A short time later, Aladine reassures the worried Jinbe, because whatever Arlong does, either the Navy will stop him in his machinations or they will.

Makro, Gyaro, and Tansui now leave the gang as well, causing the Sun Pirates to split into three factions again.

At the entrance to Fish Man Island, the Ryuuguu Palace is told that a huge, destroyed ship is asking for help. The minister on the right says to let it in, but she is told that there are also World Nobles on the ship. Nevertheless, Otohime wants to help the occupants and sets off.

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