One Piece Chapter 622


The Straw Hat Pirates are constructing a building out of giant bricks.


Fish-Man Island: The inhabitants celebrate Fisher Tiger, who had attacked Mary Geoise and freed the slaves.

At the Ryuuguu Palace, Neptune asks if the reports about Tiger are true. The latter asked him earlier to join him and free the fish-men from slavery. When asked what he had seen on his journey, the fish-man replied only “humans”. Otohime then cried.

Neptune regrets that Tiger’s actions have once again given Fish Man Island a bad name. Otohime says they couldn’t have stopped him then, though, as a huge shout went up from the voice of his heart. She then kisses her sleeping daughter Shirahoshi.

Later, the Queen again tries to collect signatures on the street. A resident explains that this is inconvenient at the current time, when the attack on Mary Geoise is being celebrated. But Otohime, thinking of the future, remains persistent.

Fishmen District: The later pirates of the New Fishmen Pirates, who were only 15 at the time, are thrilled by the deeds of the Sun Pirates. They hope all of humanity will be slaughtered by their heroes.

Grand Line: The Marine unit from G-2 led by Rear Admiral Kadar doesn’t stand a chance against the Sun Pirate gang. The navy wants the ex-slaves handed over, but Fisher Tiger counters this with a kick. Besides, he says, there is no proof that ex-slaves are even on board, since none are wearing the World Aristocrat symbol. Tiger orders his men to take the unit’s loot and food rations, but assures Kadar that he and his men will be left alive. Suddenly, Arlong kicks a soldier through a wall and is about to execute him, but the captain stops him in time.

Marine Ford, then Naval Headquarters: Strawberry reports to then Vice Admiral Borsalino that the ship was sunk by Kadar. The Arlong gang and Fisher Tiger were identified.

In Tiger’s cabin, Tiger orders Jinbe and Arlong to stop killing people, because otherwise they would be no better than them. The Sun Pirates do not stand for revenge against humanity, but for liberation and freedom. If they were to do the former, it would only result in renewed human retribution. Therefore, a firm rule of the Sun Pirates is: “We will not kill anyone”. Arlong disagrees, demanding to decimate all of humanity to the point where they can’t even take revenge. At this demand, Jinbe headbutts him.

That night, Tiger tells Jinbe that he thinks Otohime’s demands are idealistic. He asks what difference she would see between Arlong and him. The demons that lie dormant in his heart are the most terrible of all, he says.

While the Sun Pirates continue their journey and Fisher Tiger and Jinbe receive their first bounties of 230,000,000 and 76,000,000 respectively, Otohime continues to try and collect signatures.

Three years later on an island, the inhabitants ask the Sun Pirates to take back home a child who was freed during Tiger’s attack on Mary Geoise at the time. The boy, who introduces himself as an 11-year-old koala, is taken along.

A short time later, Arlong is disgusted with Koala and knocks him to the ground. However, the latter does not lose his smile and begins to mop up his blood. Jinbe comes to him and the human child asks not to be killed. As is customary as a slave, he would also not stop smiling and keep the ship clean at all times. Fisher Tiger eventually takes him to his room, where Koala also gets the sun symbol branded over the sky-storming dragon’s hoof. When the boy wakes up again, he apologizes and says he’ll never start crying. Tiger then starts yelling that they are nothing like the Tenryuubito and he can cry quietly. He also throws his gun into the water, showing that they have no intention of killing him. Fisher Tiger now orders that they will, whatever happens, take the child home. Koala begins to cry.

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