One Piece Chapter 620


From the ship decks of the world, Part 7: “A change of pace on the Island of Rare Beasts with its new resident, the barrel-woman Sarfunkel.”
Gaimon is no longer alone on his island: he has found a roommate in Sarfunkel, who is stuck in a barrel. The two are having dinner together while being watched by the local animals.


Fishmen Island: The Neptune Army escapes from the corridor below the Ryuuguu Palace. Using bubble corals, they create bubbles that allow them to travel above the air. The minister on the left is horrified by what has happened, while the minister on the right orders them to contact Prince Fukaboshi as soon as possible.

Gyoverly Hill: The residents are shocked by the attack of the pirates from the Fishmen’s District. Ikaros Much wants them to keep their mouths shut and climb them on a certain Fumi-e.

Northwest of Fishmen Island, Candy Factory District: A resident is distraught because he cannot step on that person’s face. However, Daruma yells at him that if he doesn’t, he’ll declare himself a friend of the humans and thus an enemy of the New Fishmen Gang.

Southwest of Fish-Men Island, in front of the Fish-Men Culture House: Hyouzou explains that if you don’t want to get on the fumie, you have to leave the island. If you don’t agree to that either, you will be slashed by the water sprite.

West Fish-Man Island, Marine Shopping Mall: Residents resist the takeover, but one of them is attacked by Zeo. The latter wants to prove that humans are brutal beings and orders to kneel before “King” Hody Jones, so that they can subjugate humanity together.

North Fishmen Island, Watermill District: To the delight of the populace, Fukaboshi knocks Dosun to the ground. The latter is very enraged by the pirates’ attacks and attempt to make the locals climb on the image of his deceased mother.

Southeast of Fishmen Island, Coral Hill: The locals are shocked to learn that Vander Decken escaped and the Straw Hats were also able to kidnap Shirahoshi. There are also reports of the attacks on the rest of the island, which only further worries the locals. From afar, Caribou was also able to lay eyes on the princess. He now plans to snatch her as well as to sell her for good money.

Lake Forest: Shirahoshi is crying because her father was captured by Jones, but Jinbe promises her that he will save him. However, now he wants to discuss something important with Luffy. While Sanji brings tea to the ladies, Nami wants to know what Jinbe meant by letting Arlong loose on East Blue. Sanji wants to hear about it too, because back when they first heard about the samurai Jinbe from Yosaku, he thought the latter was a sly and corrupt person like Arlong. That was why he was confused when he read in the newspaper two years ago that the same person had allied with Luffy. If Jinbe wanted to say something now, he should choose his words wisely since Nami herself had to suffer under Arlong’s reign of terror. Based on his next words, Sanji decides whether or not to forgive him.

Nami remembers her past where she had to suffer under Arlong.

Nami thinks she will never show any sympathy for Arlong, but she had no idea that the extremely powerful fish people were persecuted even by humans until two years ago. To her, Sabaody Park looked exactly like Arlong Park! Hatchan admits that they had gone too far, but they had actually only ever wished to be a part of the human world. 200 years ago, the Ryuuguu Kingdom became an official member state of the World Government, but hatred towards any species of fish people remained. The worst period was represented by the beginning of the pirate era, when many human pirates attacked the island. Only the now deceased Whitebeard was able to stop this nightmare by seizing Fishmen Island as his territory. But still even in the hearts of the “Pillars of the World Government”, who decided that humans and fish-men should be friends, hatred remained. At that time, two people tried to change that: Queen Otohime, who always told her subjects to get along with humans, and Fisher Tiger, who called for segregation from humans and attacked the Holy Land of Mary Geoise, freeing the slaves there. After that, he formed the Sun Pirates, in which Jinbe, Arlong, and Hatchan were also members. So at that time there was Otohime, who let the present get the better of him and wanted to change the future, and Fisher Tiger, who threw away the future to stop the enslavement of his suffering brothers. Which way was the right one, Jinbe still can’t decide today….

15 years earlier on the Grand Line: Hatchan comes running into his captain’s quarters to inform him that an enemy ship has been detected. In the cabin are many already familiar faces: Jinbe, Arlong, Kiss, Hatchan, Makro, Gyaro, and also Tansui. The captain asks if the enemy ship is the Navy. Enter Fisher Tiger, captain of the Sun Pirates!

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