One Piece Chapter 619


From the ship decks of the world, part 6: “Orange – The grand opening of Chouchou’s giant pet food store”.
In Orange, the grand opening of a giant pet food store is taking place. In front of the store bearing Chouchou’s name is a fountain on which stands a statue of the dog, wearing Luffy’s straw hat after fighting Mohji two years ago. In front of it are Chouchou himself, Boodle, who happily reads about the return of the Straw Hats, and Polo.


Fish Man Island, Ryuuguu Palace: Zoro was able to land a quick heavy hit against Hody Jones. The latter’s men are shocked that a human can be faster than a fish-man underwater, and take energy steroids in response. Neptune wants to seize the moment to allow his subordinates to escape. He deploys “Ultra Marine”, creating a way out. However, the stricken Jones is also given an ES pill in the meantime. Neptune was too exhausted from the use of his attack, so he is rescued by his whale Hoe. Too late though, as the regained strength Hody Jones grabs the king by his tail fin. Nevertheless, his men are to flee to Prince Fukaboshi, while he and Zoro, Usopp and Brook are captured by the New Fishmen pirate gang.

Lake Forest: The group around Luffy has finally arrived at the Lake Forest. Shirahoshi tearfully thanks the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates. Immediately, Thousand Sunny and Franky, who were already here, are also noticed. He tells them that Robin was also already here, but went to look for something in the forest. Now Jinbe also notices Luffy’s appearance and greets him. The rubber boy is also pleased about the reunion. But when Jinbe notices Shirahoshi, he is shocked. He is also more than surprised by Hatchan’s appearance, thinking that he is still imprisoned together with Arlong. Sanji is acting normal again after his previously excessive joy towards women. Den also notices Shirahoshi by now, whereupon the latter is introduced to the others by Franky. Suddenly an axe from Vander Decken reaches the group again, so Luffy has to fight it off. Jinbe doesn’t like this carefree attitude so much. Shortly after, Shirahoshi visits the grave of her mother Otohime, who passed away ten years ago, for the first time. She would have liked to tell her mother so many things…

Nami and Camie also reach the lake forest now. The navigator describes the current situation at Ryuuguu Palace, whereupon Jinbe apologizes for involving the Straw Hats in this story. He also has yet to express his gratitude for defeating Arlong, but he must confess that it was he who unleashed the racist fish-man on the East Blue eleven years ago!

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