One Piece Chapter 618


The Straw Hat Pirates is out and about in a town that is home to a wide variety of animals.


Fish-Man Island, Coral Hill: The residents are shocked at the supposed kidnapping of the Mermaid Princess, while Luffy is furious that Shirahoshi got out of Megalo. Chopper wants to stop Sanji from turning around, as he would probably die at the sight of the beautiful princess. However, the latter is determined to fulfill this dream and looks back. He is thrilled to see Shirahoshi and immediately turns to stone. Luffy asks Hatchan who inflicted his wounds before the pirates are overwhelmed by the fish people.

The inhabitants have tied up the three Straw Hats as well as Hatchan, whom they have identified as the former commander of the Arlong gang. The joy over the “victory” against the supposed kidnappers is quickly dampened when Luffy draws attention to an approaching object. This object is Vander Decken, who has been chasing Shirahoshi on a coral. While the locals order the princess to flee, Decken demands an answer to his marriage proposal. However Shirahoshi simply rejects those on the grounds that he is not her type. Decken is shocked by this answer and now wants to kill her. The locals are still demanding that the princess escape, but Luffy stops them, saying that otherwise he won’t be able to protect her. He takes out the locals standing in his way with the Haoushoku before attacking Decken. The latter now becomes aware of Shirahoshi’s companion and wants to take him out as well, but Luffy rams him into the ground with a Gomu Gomu no-Jet-Hammer. The villagers now see an opportune moment to tie up Decken as well, while Luffy & co. continue to flee to the lake forest. Vander Decken now reawakens and orders the suddenly appearing Wadatsumi to destroy his opponents. However, Luffy stops him in time with a gum-gum jet pistol so that they can continue their journey unhindered.

Ryuuguu Palace: Hody Jones is told that two people have escaped from the palace. The two people in question are Nami and Camie. The mermaid warns the navigator, as Hatchan thought Jones’ spirit was even more dangerous than his strength. However, the latter wants to know what kind of person Jinbe is. She wants to meet him in the Sea Forest, since she seems to understand his message telling Luffy not to fight Hody Jones, and there must be a long and deep story behind it, which she wants to know.

At the palace, Neptune orders his men to abandon the castle now and plan the counterattack with Fukaboshi. Usopp, meanwhile, catches a brief glimpse underwater to see Zoro struggling against Hody Jones. What he sees shocks him: with just a single attack, Zoro lands a devastating hit!

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