One Piece Chapter 617


From the Ship Decks of the World, Part 5: “Shimotsuki Village – Keeping Kuina Informed”
Koushirou stands by Kuina’s grave, smiling. Leaning against it is the newspaper with the news of the Straw Hats’ return.


Fish Man Island, Ryuuguu Palace: Neptune is in tears as Vander Decken is on the hunt for his daughter Shirahoshi. He asks Zoro to save the princess, offering anything he can give. However, Hody Jones interrupts him, saying it’s a coincidence that the very Straw Hats from the prophecy would accidentally help them. The Great White Shark Fishman explains that he was only in the Neptune Army to gain strength. He also tells of the New Fishman pirate gang’s desire to complete the Arlong Pirates’s plans. While Usopp is shocked at the latter’s connection to their old foe, Brook, who was not a member at the time, jokes about it, but this merely gets him a kick from the gang’s gunner. Nami, however, is most affected by the situation, as it was Arlong who subjugated her homeland and killed Bell-mère back in the day.

Jones, who previously took no energy steroids, now destroys one of the walls of the palace with the attack “Soshark”, in which he uses only one hand. Through this, vast amounts of water penetrate, with which the captain uses “Yabusame”. The drops of water, which form into arrows, now pelt the Neptune army, which enrages King Neptune greatly. He even throws himself in front of his soldiers, saving them from the attack. Those present are distraught, but Zoro eventually stops him by using “Yakkodori”. While Hody stops the attack with one of his own men, Zoro gives the order to unleash the soldiers. He apologizes for not being able to leave all the hostages unharmed. Brook, whose powers are slowly dwindling due to the water, notices that Nami has disappeared and subsequently releases the guards. Jones orders everyone slaughtered, however, but his men are stopped by Usopp using Green Star: Rafflesia. Zoro then cuts Neptune’s chains and asks the latter to take care of his two comrades. He stays behind and confronts Hody Jones in the already flooded palace.

Coral Hill, Beach: Locals accuse Sanji and Chopper, who is doctoring the injured Hatchan, of kidnapping three mermaids. Suddenly, they are also spotted from the sky by Luffy, who rides Megalo, in which Princess Shirahoshi is hidden, to the Sea Forest. When the captain of the Straw Hats notices his wounded friend, he immediately rushes to that one. The townspeople are discussing the possibility of the pirates kidnapping the princess, but dismiss the idea as illogical. However, at that very moment, Megalo can’t hold on any longer and spits Shirahoshi out. The villagers are shocked, while Chopper, who is also dumbfounded, begs Sanji not to turn around, as he would probably die at the sight of the beautiful mermaid…

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