One Piece Chapter 616


From the ship decks of the world, part 4: “Rika trains as a waitress at the Shells Town Naval Base.”
The aged Rika is now working at the Shells Town Naval Base as a waitress in the mess hall, offering her sweet rice balls. The soldiers, among whom Tadellos can be seen, are currently ordering some for themselves. Luffy’s latest wanted poster is also hanging on one of the canteen’s tables.


Fishmen Island: The inhabitants of the island spot some objects floating in the sky above. Luffy, who is on his way to the Sea Forest with Shirahoshi and Megalo, also notices them. The border control tries to warn Ryuuguu Palace that some dangerous individuals have entered the Fishmen’s District, but they can’t reach it. The intruders are the sea monster-riding New Fishmen Pirates and the Flying Pirates. While the former wants to unite Fishmen Island so they can subjugate humanity, Vander Decken’s goal today is to marry Shirahoshi. Hody now orders the occupation of ordered territories and announces the last day of the Ryuuguu Kingdom!

At a stop for a fish bus lie defeated soldiers of the Neptune army, which “they” could not catch. The person in question is Robin, who takes the fish bus to the lake forest with the information about a Poneglyph.

At Ryuuguu Palace: The Minister to the left rebukes Zoro, who has already defeated the attacking pirates for not even trying to talk to them. Neptune begs the Straw Hats to return his daughter to him, as he suspects Luffy of being a kidnapper. He even comes up with the crazy but actually true idea that the latter was hiding Shirahoshi in Megalo. Nami is convinced of her captain’s innocence, but the king doesn’t want to return their remaining crew members as well as their ship until the princess is safely returned. Meanwhile, no one notices that one of the intruders has managed to open the entrance to Ryuuguu Palace after all.

Northeast of Fish-Man Island lies the Sea Forest. This is also called “ship graveyard”, because many sinking ships are washed up there. Due to the “Sun Tree Eva”, the corals are particularly well displayed here, which attracts many fish and also whales. Franky gets all this explained by a person who has examined the sea forest for years. This person also agrees to coat the Thousand Sunny, which is made of precious Adam wood. The person’s name is Den, a Bering Sea Wolf waterman and none other than Tom’s little brother. Franky asks him why he doesn’t look anything like his old master. This is because if you have any kind of Pisces man or Merfolk in your line of kinship, it can still come back to that race generations later. Den also knows all about Franky, Iceburg as well as the incidents that befell his brother ten years earlier through letters from Grandma Kokoro. In the ship’s carpenter of the Straw Hat Pirates he realizes that Tom has chosen the right pupil. Franky now asks who is sitting up front. It is Jinbe, who is waiting for Luffy.

Meanwhile, Vander Decken and Hody Jones, who was once a gifted soldier in the Neptune Army, have invaded the Ryuuguu Palace. To their amazement, their opponents are already tied up. While the minister to the left believes that the Straw Hats are in cahoots with those, Usopp wants to know who the intruders are. Neptune, who now suspects that blankets are behind Shirahoshi’s disappearance, angrily confronts him, but in doing so only makes him aware that his “mistress” has disappeared. He now uses his powers to throw a coral towards the princess and climbs up on top of her when he notices that she is not being hurled towards Kokaku Tower. Warning to kill her if anyone but him were to take her, the mad fish-man takes up Luffy and Shirahoshi’s pursuit….

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