One Piece Chapter 615


From the Ship Decks of the World, Part 3: “Mt. Corbo”
Dadan and her band of mountain robbers are celebrating the news of Luffy’s return to the Sabaody Archipelago. They’ve stocked up on lots of fan art related to that one, for example, each of them is wearing a straw hat, and items related to Ace are also on display.


Fish-Man Island, Ryuuguu Palace: Luffy rides Megalo, who in turn is hiding Shirahoshi inside him, and is clearly looking forward to the upcoming walk, while the princess begs her family for forgiveness in her mind. Brook and the minister to the right want to know what the straw hat is up to, but go unnoticed. With the gate to Shirahoshi’s room now wide open, the minister demands to see what is going on, but shockingly they find an empty room. Immediately, he suspects a kidnapping. Suddenly, one of the pirates thrown by Vander Decken attacks Brook and the Minister, but the skeleton is able to counter with his Shikomizue. The badly wounded pirates are desperate to know where the switch for the entrance is, as they would be killed if they do not carry out their mission.

Coral Hill: Chopper asks Sanji why he finished off all the guards, which he justifies with the fact that they wanted to handcuff him. Chopper had taken out half of them himself with his Kung Fu anyway. Suddenly there is a scream. A wounded man from the Fishmen’s District has washed up and a doctor is needed. Chopper immediately reports in and the two Straw Hats are shocked to find that the badly injured Fish Man is Hatchan. The latter is glad to have met the two and asks them not to get further involved in the island’s affairs and to leave for the New World as soon as possible, as the New Fishmen pirate gang will be ravaging Ryuuguu Palace shortly!

Shortly before: In the Fishmen’s District in the Noah, Vander Decken explains to Hody Jones the powers of his target fruit. As he is about to select a test subject, Hatchan appears, wearing some bandages and walking on crutches, and wants to confront Hody about his plans. The latter is sorely disappointed in one of his former idols, an ex-commander of the Arlong Pirates. His crew and himself taught the then very young fish people that they were the ultimate race. Hatchan wants to know from Hyouzou and Vander Decken why they joined Hody, given that they had rejected Arlong’s offer at the time. The former was lured by the money, which Arlong was very frugal with, but also says that he felt sorry for the Sawshark Fishman because he could only take one swordsman of Hatchan’s stature. Decken justifies his alliance by saying that Arlong wanted to make him one of his subordinates. However, being a man who never wants to be commanded by anyone, he accepted Jones’ offer alone, as he only made an alliance with the Flying Pirates. Hody explains that their younger generation has learned from the mistakes of the Arlong gang, and asks Hatchan if it doesn’t upset him at all that “Straw Hat” Luffy, who wrecked Arlong’s and his plans with his gang, is on the island. However, they are now friends and the octopus fish-man doesn’t want to face the said as long as the will of his former captain still exists. Hody is more and more disappointed by Hatchan, who is now also friends with a human. As a result, Vander Decken touches Hatchan with his left hand, thus “sighting” him. He asks the fish-man if he has forgotten the rules of being a pirate. If you want to say something, you have to do it with force. He throws a knife across Hatchan, but it changes trajectory and hits his “target” in the back. He declares that any object he throws now will always hit Hatchan. To demonstrate, he has a large quantity of arrows handed to him. Hatchan asks Hody to stop blankets, but the latter has had enough of him. The devil power user throws the arrows up in the air, while the injured octopus fish-man desperately tries to escape. In the open sea he is finally hit by the projectiles and severely wounded.

Vander Decken, meanwhile, explains more about his powers to Hody’s men. With each of his palms, he can store one target at a time. With the right one, he touched Princess Shirahoshi ten years ago. Hody Jones now explains to the human pirates the plan to use Decken’s powers to bring them to the palace. Since they will be crashing into a hard tower wall there, they are right to be apprehensive. The captain of the New Fishmen Gang responds that this is why they are using inferior humans to do it. If they do not carry out his orders, he will kill them.

Brook and the minister on the right meanwhile rush to Neptune and the rest of the Straw Hats. They report the kidnapping of the princess and the enemy invasion. The King is shocked at the disappearance of his daughter, while Usopp worries about the enemy attack and Zoro’s subsequent actions.

Meanwhile, Luffy, Megalo and Shirahoshi are on their way to the Sea Forest. The princess is in excitement as this is the first time she has been in contact with the outside world in ten years. There is a grave in the Lake Forest, which she wants to visit.

In the deep sea, in the sea forest: Jinbe pays his respects to said grave and says that it’s been ten years since Queen Otohime, who rests there, caused a riot on Fishmen Island and was murdered in broad daylight, but nobody has forgotten her and her ideals to this day.

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