One Piece Chapter 613


From the ship decks of the world, part 1: “News travels by sea.” Newspaper gulls fly over the sea. A newspaper is seen reporting the reappearance of the Straw Hat Pirates on the Sabaody Archipelago. Also, the word “wapometall” appears.


Oonyuudou Wadatsumi, a member of the Flying Pirates, pulls the Flying Dutchman behind him while his captain complains about still not having received an answer from the Mermaid Princess. On this day, his gift to his beloved is a giant axe with a rose on it. He hurls the axe away from him, but it changes direction and comes back. It cuts through a branch and keeps flying. Vander Decken makes it clear that Shirahoshi will either marry him or die.

At Ryuuguu Palace: Shirahoshi is still crying and screaming because she thinks Luffy wants to kill her. The latter tries to appease her, not knowing it was her food he was about to pounce on. Suddenly, the axe with the rose on it flies through the open door. Luffy notices this and is able to intercept it before the princess is harmed. Suddenly, the minister to the right appears with some palace guards to inquire why the princess screamed. Shirahoshi reacts in a flash, concealing Luffy in her hand and explaining to the minister that she must have just been having a bad dream. The Minister to her right explains that the Straw Hats are to be captured, who saved Megalo but might destroy the island. One of the gang, who was first to the palace, has already been locked up, he says, and the other three will be caught soon as well, only the captain has somehow disappeared. He notices that five minutes have passed and leaves the room. Now Shirahoshi has to explain to Luffy why the axe flew into her room. She tells Luffy about Vander Decken, who is apparently mad at her for turning down his marriage proposal. He has an ability that allows him to hit any target he wants, from anywhere, at any time, so she would never leave Kokaku Tower. She tells him that she hasn’t taken a step outside in ten years. She asks Luffy tons of questions, about the world outside her room, which Luffy shrugs off, since he’s eating. Shirahoshi thinks his bulging cheeks are cute, so she squeezes them with two fingers, which of course doesn’t please the Straw Hat Captain at all. After Luffy yells out, the mermaid starts crying again, having never been yelled at in her life. Luffy then asks her why such a big person would start crying over something like that. He says that he doesn’t like her, which shakes her to the core. Completely unfazed by her sadness at the harsh words and Megalo being angry, he suddenly asks her if she wants to go for a walk. He promises to intercept anything that comes flying through the air.

Ryuuguu Palace, front entrance: Camie tells Brook, Usopp and Nami not to resist. They’ve already knocked out several guards and don’t want to be captured just because anything might happen in the future. Brook predicts to the guards that he will take out as many of them as they wish, while the guards are impressed by the strength of the three pirates. The minister to the left urges the soldiers to attack the pirates. Usopp counters that they would only be defending themselves and would have done nothing had they not been attacked. The minister asks Neptune for support. He would like to decide for himself whether it is right or wrong to imprison these people on accusations. He decides to lock up the straw hats for the time being. Brook is already looking forward to going up against such a strong opponent, but suddenly Zoro intervenes and blocks the attack. He had heard a loud party and broke out of prison.

Fishmen’s District: Vander Decken has arrived late. However, before Vander Decken, who is protected by a coating bubble, shakes hands with Hody Jones, he puts on a glove and thinks it should go like this. He meets with the boss of the New Fishmen pirate gang to form an alliance to overthrow Neptune and the Ryuuguu Kingdom.

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