One Piece Chapter 612


The Straw Hat Pirates must defend themselves against three sharks that have bitten into the pirates’ boats.


Fishmen Island, Ryuuguu Kingdom: A few hours earlier in Mermaid Bay, Ishilly and two other mermaids opened the barrel that washed up with the straw hats. However, there was no treasure or alcohol inside, out came Caribou. While the mermaids were trying to escape, he turned the ground into a swamp and trapped the women inside. Caribou possesses the powers of the swamp fruit, making him a swamp person. He now wants to sell the three mermaids for high prices. He also gloatingly thanks the Straw Hat Pirates, as it was only through them that he was able to enter the island in the first place. His plan is now to capture even more mermaids.

Meanwhile, in the port city of Coral Hill, the Straw Hats are accused of being the kidnappers of the missing mermaids. Their kind don’t want to believe it, but the Neptune Army thinks that many nice-seeming people just start the kidnappings later. Fukaboshi asks Madame Shyarly, who is also present, if her prophecy that Straw Hat Luffy would destroy Fish-Man Island is really true. She answers in the affirmative. The prince believes the fortune teller and it worries him at the same time. For they have invited the pirates to the Ryuuguu Palace for saving the princess’ pet.

From the Gyoverly Hills, the Straw Hat Pirates is escorted by King Neptune to his palace. He thanks them for saving the princess’s pet, the shark Megalo, from the giant squid. He had already sent his sons, but since they did not return, he took up the matter himself. He reports that Zoro has already arrived at the palace and started drinking. Nami says Franky is currently searching for relatives of Tom and Robin told something about some important history. She then asks Neptune how it can be so bright at 10,000 meters. This is because of the massive “sunlight tree” that channels light from the surface into its roots. This appears to be the boss of the Yalkiman mangroves on the Sabaody Archipelago.

Finally, they reach the massive Ryuuguu Palace. In that one, Neptune is immediately reprimanded by the minister on the right and the minister on the left, as he cannot just leave the palace in the situation of the island. Besides, something has happened again recently that has to do with the mermaid princess. The two ministers also have to tell the king an important message from Prince Fukaboshi.

Luffy, meanwhile, has separated from the rest of the group and follows the smell of food. He finally lands at a huge, heavy door, littered with weapons, which reminds him of Impel Down. Hoping to find a delicious meal, he finally opens the door and is able to find it in the dark room. However, he stumbles upon what he thinks is soft. Suddenly the light in the room comes on and Luffy falls down. None other than the pretty as well as huge mermaid princess Shirahoshi has woken up, on whose chest the straw-hatted pirate had just jumped around. She is in tears and calls for her family out of fear that her life is threatened.

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