One Piece Chapter 611


Karoo tries figure skating, but it seems with little success. Over him jump some penguins, which probably master that sport much better.


Fishmen Island, Fishmen District: Some pirates escape from the “Noah” and go away with their ship. They are told to leave the island as soon as possible and head for the New World. The captain of the gang, “Crab Hand” Gyro, is not very pleased about the course of the journey. First they were lucky to escape the giant squid, only for them to encounter more sea monsters at the bottom of the ocean and be forced to join the New Fishmen Gang. Now they flee from those.

Hody Jones meanwhile also receives report that Gyro and his gang have fled. The captain of the New Fishmen pirates belongs to the species “Great White Shark”. Together with his officers he decides to give chase himself and only asks for a coating bubble to be provided. Before doing so, however, he takes four pills, which strengthens his body and causes his eyes to take on a similar shape to Arlong’s when the latter became angry. One of his commanders suggests that the drug is evil.

Elsewhere, Pappag shows the Straw Hats his huge home. He can afford this because he is the president and prominent designer of the Criminal brand company, which is very popular on Fish-Man Island, and with which he is already planning to rival Doskoi Panda as well. There is a clothing store on the 1st floor of the building, but a customer in it currently has a complaint. This customer is Nami, who finds the prices of the clothes outrageously expensive. After greeting her friends, she grabs Pappag and immediately demands a hefty discount. However, he immediately allows them to have everything they want for free. The pirates, however, then clear out his entire store.

Brook now notices that something must be going on outside, as all the passers-by are agitated. Camie and Pappag are also startled and the people fear that the person has come for a serious problem. Attention is drawn to none other than the King of the Ryuuguu Kingdom, Neptune, who comes riding in on his whale Hoe. He approaches the Straw Hat Pirates and before doing so asks the shark Megalo, who had recently emerged from giant squid Surume, if they are really “the ones”. After he answers in the affirmative, Neptune invites the Straw Hat People to join him in the Ryuuguu Palace, to the astonishment of everyone present.

Meanwhile, near the Fishmen’s underwater district, Hody Jones has caught up with Gyro’s gang’s ship. The pirates soon notice the fish-man, but he has handcuffs on. While Jones is now attacking the ship, one of the commanders in the “Noah” explains that the pills previously taken by their captain are steroids, “energy steroids”. The latter easily defeats the enemy pirates and even the 73,000,000 gyro can do nothing against him. He only put on the handcuffs to prove that he doesn’t even need his hands to defeat his opponents. The officers simultaneously explain further the drug, which is abbreviated as “E. S.”. This doubles the strength of the user. For example, but if one takes two pills, the already doubled attack power doubles. In exchange for this impressive power, however, taking it will shorten the life of the person in question. However, the New Fishmen pirates have no fear, and for Fisher Tiger’s life and Arlong’s will, they intend to end the dark and cruel history of the Fishmen with their plans.

Hody Jones, meanwhile, has destroyed the entire ship and orders those to drift up to the New World. The survivors are to report who they met under the surface of the water, so that the people on the surface will also be struck with fear. He wants to steal back Fish Man Island from the “cowardly” King Neptune and wants to drag all the people into the abyssal depths of the sea. Hody Jones wants to show that the fish people are the true superior race.


The cover theme was requested by Takeru Isaka, who was Eiichiro Oda’s editor at the time.

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