One Piece Chapter 610


Under the guidance of Siamese cats Vivi cleans the royal bath. The work is hard for her, because she sweats all over her body.


Fish-Man Island, Ryuuguu Kingdom: In the port city of Sango-ga-oka, on Coral Hill, Sanji awakens from his coma. He is in a house of a friend of Camie’s. His comrades had been desperately searching all over town for a donor, but no fish person was willing. Sanji, who had previously thanked them for their help, has forgotten everything, however, and out of concern that such a disaster might happen again, his friends keep him from remembering. He ends up getting blood from the pirate twins Splash and Splatter, both trannies, which visibly shocks the Cook of the Straw Hats. Chopper meanwhile notices that there are traces of poison on Luffy’s hand, but his body has developed antibodies to it. This is due to his fight against Magellan. The poison came from the octopus merman, who was traveling with Hammond. Since he was able to block Luffy’s attack with his sword, the latter remarks that this must be a strong fighter.

The pirate’s name is Hyouzou and he’s the “assassin” of the New Fishmen pirate gang. He’s carrying his two comrades away from Mermaid Bay at the same time, and is worried that he accidentally poisoned Luffy. He feels that it would be bad for him if the latter died.

Hyouzou notices the scream of a mermaid. The scream came from Ishilly’s group according to another mermaid. These had opened the barrel Caribou was hiding in.

Camie meanwhile thanks her boss Madame Shyarly, the owner of the Mermaid Cafe, for giving them a room for Sanji’s treatment. She also says that she shouldn’t go into the room, and certainly shouldn’t let the pirate know that he’s in the back entrance of the famous café. Meanwhile, Luffy and Usopp discover Shyarly’s crystal ball, which she uses for fortune telling, which Camie says she is famous for in the area. But Shyarly counters that she has already given up that profession. She gives Camie a day off so she can show her friends around town. At that moment, as Camie remembers the pending feeding of Pappag, Shyarly says that he is just at the café, grandstanding about having run into an old friend.

On the way to the café, Camie tells him that Shyarly has already predicted the Great Pirate Age, the Battle of Marine Ford, and also Whitebeard’s death, among other things, which made her hate her own ability. Luffy learns, upon his inquiry, that Chopper continues to mentor Sanji at Madame Shyarly’s house when the group finally arrives at the café, where Luffy is furious that there is no meat nearby. Before they can even enter the café, Pappag and Brook come out of it to meet them. The starfish is happy to see his old friends again and the skeleton is overjoyed at all the pretty mermaids. Pappag invites the group to his house, where they are to have meat, much to Luffy’s amusement. They call a fish cab when suddenly Brook catches sight of a wanted poster of Vander Decken. Pappag explains that the latter is like a bandit at the bottom of the sea and the whole country has been looking for him for years. You see, he has been sending the Mermaid Princess weekly letters, which gradually became packages and eventually threatening marriage proposals. Because of this, her father, King Neptune, had his three sons form the Neptune Army. Also, the original Vander Decken I is said to have died on Fish-Man Island. The current captain of the Flying Dutchman is one of his descendants, Vander Decken IX. Luffy and Usopp, meanwhile, spot a mermaid whose fin is split just like Grandma Kokoro’s, which happens at the age of 30. After that, they spot a fish-man father who has both a fish-man and an aquarius for a child. In fact, when the two different species mate, four different variants can be created: Male Fish Man, Female Fish Man, Merfolk, and Mermaid. After that, the pirates recognize a candy factory with a pirate flag on it. Pappag explains again: “The island is currently under the protection of Charlotte Linlin aka Big Mom, one of the Four Emperors. In exchange, however, she demands a large amount of candy as tribute; unlike Whitebeard, she probably sees it more as a deal between her and the island. Luffy wonders if he might meet her someday. Eventually, they arrive at Pappag’s huge mansion.

At Coral Hill: Madame Shyarly is agitated and demands that Straw Hat Luffy be ejected from the island, because in her crystal ball she saw a man wearing a straw hat. At the hands of this person, Fish-Man Island shall be destroyed!


The cover motif was requested by Akira Jean-Baptiste Hattori, who was Eiichiro Oda’s media editor at the time.

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