One Piece Chapter 609


The straw hats are in a forest. With them are some tanukis and fireflies hovering in the air.


Sanji is quite enthralled by the mermaids and never wants to leave. Luffy, however, feels the need to see someone else, namely Jinbe. The two of them, along with Usopp and Chopper, are currently in the Ryuuguu Kingdom on Fish Man Island. The sniper is surprised that his captain also knows the former samurai of the seas. Camie explains that Jinbe and his Fishmen pirate gang had to leave the island after he resigned as a samurai. Even otherwise, the war back then has left some traces on the paradise under the sea.

The Killifish mermaid quintuplets suddenly appear and report that a rare royal ship has appeared and they may want to arrest Luffy for his illegal entry. It is a royal gondola from the Ryuuguu Palace, on which the princes, the three Neptune brothers, are in person. The Straw Hats are supposed to be hiding while the three brothers of the Neptune house, Fukaboshi, Ryuboshi and Manboshi, appear. They are looking for the pirates, who have entered illegally. Hammond and his cronies, who are also searching for the Straw Hat Pirates, observe this and recognize the three strongest men of the Neptune army. Just before the princes have assured themselves that the ones they are looking for are not here, Sanji snaps with joy, a huge fountain of blood in the shape of a mermaid shooting out of his nose. The pirates are now unmasked and Fukaboshi commands the Ammo Knights. Hammond also recognizes the straw hats. Chopper apologizes for entering illegally and asks for a blood transfusion for Sanji, who must be dying if he doesn’t get blood transmitted within half an hour. Now Hammond gets involved as well. He is appalled that the pirates would ask for such a thing, when there is an unwritten law on Fish Man Island that it is forbidden to share blood with a human. And this commandment the humans pretty much created themselves by treating the fish races like monsters for a long period of time. Fisher Tiger died because of this too, because if someone had transferred him blood after his attack on Mary Geoise, he could have survived. Hammond now orders Luffy to come along to the Fishmen’s Quarter to see their master, Hody Jones. The Straw Hat is still pleading for blood, however, so the Pike Eel Fishman tries to force him to do so with his attack Trawl. Luffy dodges it, though, and finishes off Hammond and his compadres with a gum-gum jet pistol. He easily stops a sea monster he brought with him with Haki.

Camie, meanwhile, has taken over the royal gondola and wants to use it to help her friends escape. She now brings the Straw Hats to the city to look for a person with the same blood type. However, there aren’t too many here at the moment, as rumor has it that a large shadow is currently holding everyone up.

The three princes, meanwhile, ask in Mermaid Cove why they were hiding the pirates. They were looking for them for a completely different reason anyway: They were to deliver a message to them from Jinbe!


  • Due to the New Year holidays in Japan, Jump issue #05-06/2011 was exceptionally published on a Tuesday (04/01/2011).
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