One Piece Chapter 608


Brook walks clothed, dancing dogs wearing afros.


Since Luffy has refused to join the New Fishmen pirate gang, Hammond declares them the enemy of all fishmen. He orders a sea lion to sink the Thousand Sunny, but the Straw Hat Pirates escapes via Coup de Bust. However, this maneuver costs any air in the coating bubble, so the pirates have to hold onto the bottom of the ship very tightly. Eventually, they penetrate Fish-Man Island, but the coating merges into the island’s much larger bubble. However, this is surrounded by a double layer and so they end up in the water again from the air-filled layer and are caught by too strong an underwater current and washed away.

Hammond’s companions ask him if they should go after the people who may be dead anyway. He answers in the affirmative, as he definitely doesn’t want the Neptune army to find the Straw Hats first. But before they do, they return to the “Noah” to tell their boss that the “Straw Hat” that destroyed Arlong’s plans has arrived.

Meanwhile, on Fish-Man Island, Luffy wakes up again. He is with Usopp, Sanji, and Chopper, all four of whom were rescued by mermaids. They are at home with Camie, who has also changed slightly in the two years. They don’t worry about the others because Zoro and Franky are with them. Camie wants to give her friends soup to warm up their bodies, but she serves a cold seaweed soup. The four of them get their dried clothes back from Camie’s friends, the killifish mermaid quintuplets. Camie explains that they are currently in Mermaid Bay, where the Mermaid Cafe is located. Sanji wants to see the beauties immediately, which is why the mermaid escorts them up via turtle elevator. She herself can’t afford a special apartment, which is why she lives on the bottom floor, where there isn’t much light. Hatchan, whom Luffy wants to thank, is currently in the Fishmen district and Pappag is currently living as a famous designer in a mansion in the Gyoverly Hills, the high-class district of Fishmen Island. They plan to visit him later as well. Around the island there are waterways developed by Coating craftsmen, and as they arrive at the surface, the question of how sky and clouds are visible in the deep sea arises. Eventually they reach Mermaid Bay, where they are greeted by many exceptionally pretty mermaids. Sanji in particular can’t believe his luck, crying even more than when he said goodbye to the Baratié. Meanwhile, two more mermaids are exploring a barrel that washed up with the straw hats. They wonder if they should open it without knowing that Caribou is inside.

In the Fishmen’s District, on the “Noah”, Hammond reports to the boss of the New Fishmen Pirates that the Straw Hat Pirates has arrived. The fearsome captain demands that they bring Luffy to him….

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