One Piece Chapter 607


Franky has a wild race with a real Mustang on a bike he built in the shape of a horse.


Grand Line, at 7,000 meters depth: With the undersea volcano threatening to erupt, Vander Decken decides to escape. He orders Wadatsumi to grab the Flying Dutchman and escape. Luffy orders Surume to do the same on Nami’s advice. Together, the two pirate gangs flee the erupting volcano. When the time comes and it actually explodes, Luffy has to make a choice: Either face the inferno or jump into the trench ahead of them, which according to the log port must be where Fish-Man Island is located. Of course, Luffy decides to jump.

As the Straw Hat Pirates, carried on by the giant octopus, falls towards the bottom of the sea, the volcano whirls its ash and boulders at the pirates. Zoro wants to cut the rocks, but Robin stops him; the pressure of being 8,000 feet below the surface would crush him on the spot. Instead, Usopp attacks the stones with a pop-green attack. Huge seaweed forms and the rocks are intercepted, for general admiration. However, one rock manages to break away and hits the unprepared Surume in the head. Unconscious, the octopus slides towards the pitch black abyss along with the Straw Hat Pirates.

When the gang reaches the abyss, however, it is not dark at all. On the contrary, light allows them to see Fish-Man Island, an island located in several bubbles between three mangroves. There is great joy at finally reaching the longed-for island, but formidable sea monsters stand in their way. They are commanded by Hammond, a fish man. He discovers that the newcomers are the Straw Hat Pirates and sets them a condition: Either they submit to the Fishmen or they will die. Luffy rejects both options and instead wants to invade Fishmen Island with one last coup de burst.

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