One Piece Chapter 606


Robin is sitting under a tree, on which singing canaries are perched, reading a book.


Grand Line, 7,000 meters below sea level: Luffy, Zoro and Sanji are lost to the other Straw Hats in the deep sea. Usopp and Chopper desperately call out for them. Nami warns not to miss anything in the sea, as dangerous creatures are on the loose and Sunny’s light is not strong enough in the darkness to illuminate everything. A giant jellyfish suddenly appears above the ship, sticking one of its tentacles into the Thousand Sunny’s coating. Chopper speculates that the animal wants to make friends, but Robin cautions him not to touch it, as it may be poisonous. Shortly after, a giant fish bites into the jellyfish, but is instantly killed by its venom. The Straw Hat Pirates is able to dodge it with a mini coup de burst. This makes the air in the bubble less.

Brook notices a rope on the ground and realizes that Caribou has disappeared. The rope has not been cut, so the pirate captain is still on the ship. The Straw Hat Pirates is worried because they can’t feel safe even on their ship. Caribou has freed himself with the help of his devil powers and slipped into an empty barrel. He is pleased that the trio of monsters have disappeared into the deep sea, as they will surely be dead. While Caribou is not happy about not being able to get Luffy’s head, he still wants to settle for the others. He still plans to wait and not rush into anything, as no one else will be able to navigate the ship. Franky, meanwhile, has noticed that Caribou has entrenched himself in the barrel and carefully seals it so he can’t get out. He explains that he must have eaten a devil fruit type logia, as he has turned into a mud-like substance. Meanwhile, the others are getting very warm. When they notice smoke, they discover that they are in an underwater volcano region. Furthermore, they have to dodge some dangerous creatures.

A light suddenly flickers in front of them and Franky morse the light with his Franky Nipple Lights. As they get closer, the Straw Hat Pirates faces a massive Angler Fish that has lured the pirates into a trap. After taking evasive action, a giant suddenly appears and gives the angler fish named Ankoro a blow admonishing him not to eat any ships or their captain Vander Decken will get mad. The pirates realized that it must be an Umibōzu. A song sounds and a pirate ship approaches. It is the Flying Dutchman and Brook begins to explain that the ship’s history goes back centuries. Back then, he says, the captain threw his crew overboard on a stormy day at sea and thus suffered the wrath of God by spending eternity wandering in the ocean. The captain’s name was Vander Decken, the ship was the Flying Dutchman – they are now truly facing him. Vander Decken takes the floor and tells the giant Wadatsumi and Ankoro that they will never find treasure if they just keep eating the ships. So he orders Wadatsumi to just destroy the Thousand Sunny. The Straw Hat Pirates face a hopeless situation, as they can’t get out of the way with a mini coup de burst, as air reserves are too low.

The rescue is made by the giant squid, who pummels Wadatsumi with his tentacles. Luffy has actually tamed the beast and orders the mollusk to stop as enough is enough. He praises the beast, and the rest of the crew is happy to see the lost trio again. Luffy and Sanji’s bubbles were burst, which is why they find themselves three inside Zoro’s. Chopper hugs Luffy, as he was very worried about them. The latter is glad to be back on the Sunny. Nami is amazed that they actually tamed the Kraken. Luffy replies that he will make him a first class navigator and calls him by his new name, Surume. With the Sunny between his tentacles, Surume now pulls the pirate crew. Vander Decken’s pirate gang is suddenly worried because the underwater volcano is starting to rumble. Nami thinks it’s about to erupt.

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