One Piece Chapter 605


Chopper poses for a character class consisting of Tanukis.


While Usopp and Chopper are afraid of the giant octopus and want to dissuade Luffy from the idea of taming it, the rest of the crew isn’t worried and talks about other things. Caribou is terrified of the pirates, as they are supposed to flee immediately in such a situation.

Suddenly, the ship of the Caribou pirate gang of the Thousand Sunny, pulled by the traumatized Moo Cow, comes rushing from behind. Coribou wants to save his brother, which delights the latter. But a giant tentacle envelops the pirates, and the kraken simply crushes the ship, leaving Caribou’s men drifting helplessly towards the surface. Most of the crew is horrified, but Zoro just thinks the drifting pirates look like jellyfish, which infuriates Caribou.

Now the octopus also wants to take on the Thousand Sunny, which Luffy and Zoro want to prevent. However, they are stopped again by Usopp, as they would otherwise destroy the coating. Instead, they take evasive action with the Chicken Voyage. Nami wants to escape the massive mollusk via Coup de Bust, which Franky can only deny, as these functions are impossible to use underwater. Since Caribou feels more comfortable fighting the Kraken outside the ship, he comes up with the idea of putting the Straw Hats in a little coating bubble of their own.

Finally, three of them, Luffy, Zoro and Sanji, set out to fight. But the octopus still has Sunny in its sights, so Franky shoots it with his Franky Rocket La uncher. But the mollusk also attacks with another tentacle, which Chopper fends off with Double Plush. Robin prevents the ship from hitting an underwater mountain with Mil Fleurs, Gigantesco Mano. Meanwhile, Luffy transitions into Gear 3 and steels it with Haki, the color of the armor. The water weakens him a bit and the octopus tries to stop him before he can attack. Sanji slips out of his bubble, though, and runs underwater at a tremendous speed with Blue Walkwhich he learned by running from the trannies for months. He now takes out the tentacle of the octopus with Diable Jambe: Bien Cuit, Grill Shot. Zoro destroys another arm of the beast with the secret three-sword style technique Crossing of the Six Paths. Luffy is enraged as his two men destroy the octopus’ tentacles. He finally defeats the octopus for good with the Gomu Gomu no Elephant Gun. The crew is amazed at the captain’s new strength when suddenly a giant shark wearing a Criminal shirt emerges from the defeated creature. While Luffy, Zoro and Sanji are distracted by this, the underwater current catches them along with the octopus and they are swept into the depths. The rest of the gang immediately rushes after, navigated by Nami.

After riding the current, the shocked Usopp wakes up again. The three strongest members have been separated from the rest of the gang. They are now 7,000 meters below the surface of the water, with 3,000 meters to go to Fish-Man Island. In the deep sea, many terrible creatures lurk around the Thousand Sunny. Franky makes light in the dark depths with his Franky Nipple LightsThe pirates are immediately terrified of the dangers of the “underworld” of the sea.

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