One Piece Chapter 604


The Straw Hat Pirates wanders along a path. Various animals with hats accompany them.


The Straw Hats, who are now sailing underwater with the coated Thousand Sunny, have sunk so low by now that almost no light reaches them, as they must be 1,000 feet below sea level by now. Robin notes that it would almost be as if they were flying, while in the background three whales pass them by. Chopper is startled, while Luffy and Brook mistake the underwater mammals for Whitebeard’s fleet and Laboon, respectively.

However, the pirates are already being pursued by the Caribou pirate gang. Caribou, however, doesn’t want to just sink the Straw Hats’ ship, but kill the crew so they can show their triumph to the world. Pulled by a sea monster, they push against the Thousand Sunny and intend to occupy the ship. Nami, meanwhile, notices something: the monster pulling the enemy ship is Moo-Cow! The former pet of the Arlong gang is also shocked to recognize the former commander. When the manatee also recognizes Luffy and Sanji, by whom she was beaten up several times in Arlong Park, Moo-Cow goes completely crazy and flees in panic. Caribou, however, had already stormed the Sunny and gives the order to kill the Straw Hat Pirates, before he is shocked to discover that his ship and thus also his crew have been swept away by the manatee. Franky wants to throw the enemy into the sea, but he begs for mercy and so the cyborg lowers him down. When Zoro asks him if he was the captain of the pirates from before, he lies completely discouraged and thinks that he was just used as a human cannonball by them. He asks to stay with the Straw Hats for a while, but even Usopp recognizes his lies. Nami wants to know from Caribou why the manatee was pulling their ship. When he looks at her with his crazy and evil looking eyes and calls her cute, Sanji first kicks him in the face with Jabot. After the Cook flies off once again at the sight of Nami due to his nosebleeds, Caribou explains that they caught Moo Cow in the area. Using such monsters to pull his ship is also called “advanced seafaring”. Moo-cow, meanwhile, is still escaping with Coribou and the rest of the Caribou pirates in tow.

Luffy is now looking for a manatee, while Usopp points out to Nami they are sailing a little in a different direction than the log port shows. Caribou, meanwhile, has been tied up. He knows himself that he wouldn’t be able to defeat the whole gang, and wants to wait for the appropriate time to take them out one by one. The navigator thinks it’s fine the way they’re sailing. Luffy asks why, while Brook is already getting a little chilly. Nami, Franky, and Brook, who know a little more, now explain how the underwater currents work. When Nami wants to explain that the Redline is actually made up of many islands close together and that’s why there are summer and winter islands there too, and they’re sailing near a cold area because of the salinity, the crew members shut down. Robin, however, already has the natural phenomenon in sight, so an explanation is moot: in the middle of the sea is something like a huge undersea waterfall! Usopp doesn’t even recognize the end of it, but Franky is unconcerned, after all, the Sunny is made of the Adam Tree’s wood. Caribou asks the Straw Hats to turn back immediately, though, because at the end of the current is nothing but a giant octopus! Everyone is shocked by the massive creature, which has been intercepting many ships on their way to Fish-Man Island for the past few days. Luffy, however, wants to tame the octopus….

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