One Piece Chapter 603


Sanji and some chipmunks bake a cake together.


Sabaody Archipelago, Lawless Zone: As punishment for their deception of posing as the Straw Hat Pirates, rookies Caribou and Coribou want to bury all remaining Straw Hat Pirates fakes alive. These beg for their lives, saying they were forced to do so by their captain, DeMaro Black. But Caribou shows no mercy, grabbing Fake-Sanji, liquefying his hand, and coating Fake-Sanji’s face in a liquid so that he can’t breathe. Caribou seems to have devilish strength at his disposal. Fake-Sogeking won’t let this happen and fires a bazooka at the rookie. However, he remains standing and simply takes the bullet. Everyone involved suspects that a Logia Force is behind this. Caribou makes the decision to go after the real Straw Hat Pirates.

Grove 46: Sentomaru reports to a naval base. Behind him are DeMaro Black and various other pirates – tied up and defeated, among others. He reports that Rayleigh got in his way and that Luffy, Zoro and Sanji managed to defeat two Pacifista. However, these Pacifista were still prototypes of the older models. As a result, the Straw Hat Pirates has become much stronger, and it is imperative that Naval Headquarters learn that Luffy’s gang has been completely reunited.

Rayleigh and Shakuyaku are sitting on the coast of the archipelago. Shakuyaku thinks that the Straw Hat Pirates has gotten a lot stronger. A brief flashback begins. Rayleigh is seen sitting on his ship and someone asks him his name. Rayleigh gives his name, but the other person says that their meeting is fateful and introduces himself as Roger. He is also wearing a straw hat. Back in the present, tears come to Rayleigh’s eyes. He thinks that the hat suits Luffy very well. I guess it wouldn’t be bad to live on a little longer.

Underwater: The Thousand Sunny continues to sink towards Fish-Man Island. The view is breathtaking, but Nami and Usopp are a little worried and a bit apprehensive. Now the huge roots of the Sabaody Archipelago become visible, which after all consists only of mangroves. Thus, the roots reach all the way to the bottom of the sea. In the depths there are huge fish and sea kings. Luffy and Zoro want to try to get one of the fish onto the ship, but are beaten up by Usopp and Chopper, who try to stop them. At the sight of Nami, Sanji flies out of the ship into the sea, nose bleeding, and has to be rescued by Luffy. The crew worries about him and wonders what he must have been through in the last two years. Meanwhile, Robin is trying to analyze the structure of the Coatings. Because neither Sanji nor Luffy’s arm could burst the bubble. Nami concludes that it would take many holes for the bubble to burst around the ship. Thus, the crew would be doomed once a sea king bit it. Apparently, however, only 30% of all ships make it to Fish Man Island, which scares Usopp and Chopper quite a bit.

Franky asks Nami if the ship is reasonably stable now, because he has a few things to tell the gang. First of all, Hatchan is recovering from his wounds on Fish-Man Island, so he couldn’t accompany the gang to the island. The same thing happened to Duval. They both suffered the wounds defending the Thousand Sunny, the whole thing was about a year ago now. You see, the Navy found out the Sunny’s whereabouts and there was a huge battle. But one warrior held out to the end and was able to protect the ship for over two years. That man was Bartholomew Kuma, who separated the gang back two years ago. When Franky returned to the Sunny a few days ago, the samurai stood there – visibly stricken. At the sight, he got up and left. The Sunny hadn’t even been scratched. Afterwards, Franky continues, he went to Rayleigh and spoke to him. The words Bear whispered to him at the time were that he was a commander of the revolutionaries and was on the side of the Straw Hats. He also told Rayleigh that he had no time left. The Samurai was converted to a human weapon and completed before the great battle at Marine Ford. His personality was removed and he has now fully become a human weapon. However, he apparently had Vegapunk program him with orders to guard the Thousand Sunny until one of the Straw Hats showed up. Franky reiterates that the Straw Hat Pirates is in Bartholomew Kuma’s debt, and also that he will show no mercy the next time they meet, as he has become a heartless machine.

Behind the Thousand Sunny: Rookies Caribou and Coribou dive after the Straw Hat Pirates. Caribou now wants the real Luffy to actually let him on his ship this time.

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