One Piece Chapter 602


Usopp holds a swimming contest in a river with some sea otters.


Sabaody Archipelago: Luffy says goodbye and thanks Rayleigh one last time. You see two scenes of the two of them training, and the ex-vice-president of the Pirate King shouts to his protégé to climb all the way to the top. He stops the Marine who wants to pursue the Straw Hat Pirates to Grove 42 by drawing a line in the ground with his sword. This the soldiers should not dare to cross.

Luffy, Zoro and Sanji are now getting in the way of more navy members as the entire area is surrounded. However, they are met by negative spirits, which come from a newly dressed Perona. While Sanji is thrilled to see the real woman, without whom Zoro would never have managed to return to the archipelago, she reports that naval ships have also appeared.

On Grove 42 Brook has already found his way back to his team members. Full of verve he asks Nami again if she doesn’t want to show him her panties, which she answers with a hard kick to the skull of the skeleton. On a bird from Torino suddenly appear the three missing including Chopper who flew to pick them up. The Straw Hats are delighted as they are now all together again. Especially Sanji, who immediately gets a violent nosebleed at the sight of Nami and Robin. It shoots out of him like a fountain. Luffy is thrilled with Franky’s new body and Chopper says goodbye to the bird, while Usopp calls for the doctor to stop Sanji’s nosebleed. Suddenly, cannonballs from a naval ship are fired towards Thousand Sunny. However, a second attack is stopped by the Slave Arrow attack. The Kuja ship gets in the Navy’s way. Hancock reasons that it was in her way. The Straw Hats are surprised to see one of The Seven Warlords of the Seas helping them and winking as well. They are even more surprised when Luffy tells them that he had befriended those on Amazon Lily. Sanji is even incensed, having ended up in his own personal hell. Marguerite and Sweet Pea, meanwhile, watch Luffy’s crewmates in amazement.

Franky, meanwhile, has dived underwater to open the valve of a giant floating bag, filling the soap used to coat the Sunny with air. Usopp is still concerned, however, as battle cries from the navy can still be heard coming from the island.

The third backup battalion reports that they probably won’t make it to Grove 42. Suddenly, giant insects appear and attack them. Behind a corner is Heracles, who thinks he is praying for Usopp and his luck in battle.

The fourth battalion also reports that their weapons have become useless, as sudden rain has wet the gunpowder. The commander asks where rain falls, saying the skies above the Sabaody Archipelago are entirely clear. But up there floats the sky-island Weatheria, whose scientists create the downpour, making it rain in a single spot. They don’t want to fire lightning, however, because otherwise citizens might be in danger. Haredas wishes Nami well, though they would be lonely up there again now.

The second unit in the center of Grove 42 has suddenly gone completely negative, but according to those, a bird has picked up Straw Hat Luffy. However, the other battalion on this Grove is also dealing with a problem. They are being attacked by trannies Momoiros….

On the Sunny, Nami explains the coating: Gecoated ships have the power to reduce various pressures, but are so buoyant. If the floating bag at the bottom is removed, the ship would sink to the bottom of the sea. The boat then uses undersea currents to sail as it would normally use the wind.

Now that they’re ready to sail, Luffy thinks he has a lot to tell his members and thanks them for following his selfish plan over the two years. Hancock, meanwhile, is still holding up the Navy. Then it’s time to set sail. It’s off to Fish Man Island!


  • The chapter title is a play on words. So it can also be read as the sailor’s exclamation “Hard underboard!!!”.
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