One Piece Chapter 601


Nami wins a lot of money playing poker with some herons.


Sabaody Archipelago, Grove 33: A member of the Rosy-Life Riders picks up Brook from the “Sabaodream” concert hall. The Marine is restrained from doing so by his fans. His managers are incensed at his “betrayal”. It is now officially known that the musician Brook is also a pirate.

On Grove 41, Sanji talks to Franky via Den-den Mushi, who informs the Cook that they should meet on Grove 42. However, since Zoro wasn’t paying attention, it has to be explained to him again. Before the two can argue again, the swordsman notices loud noises coming from the island.

These are from the Fake Straw Hats meeting at Grove 46. While Fake Luffy is trying to show his recruits what happens when there is treachery on the man who humiliated him earlier, the Navy suddenly shows up to arrest the pirates. They have them completely surrounded. However, the fake Luffy is confident of victory due to his strong new members and orders Caribou and Coribou to use the previously discovered soldier as a hostage. The former, however, thinks it’s already too late for that, as he kills the latter for lying to him when he said he didn’t call the navy. Before a major fight can ensue between the two parties, the Pacifista suddenly appear, who are also able to identify the 400,000,000 Monkey D. Luffy. They attack the pirates and even Doughty, who is wanted for 88 million, doesn’t stand a chance. Fake Luffy now wants to escape, but runs directly into the arms of Sentomaru. Sentomaru exposes the fake and knocks him out with his broadaxe. Upon request, PX-5 identifies the fake as DeMaro Black, listed for 26,000,000. The pirates are enraged as they were cheated and taken advantage of by this one. Even Luffy, who was the one who humiliated Black, now understands what is going on. Sentomaru now wants to arrest all the recruits and also knows about the presence of the real Luffy through the PX. So the Pacifista sets his sights on him, but the “straw hat” is able to dodge. Having dropped his disguise, the pirates recognise Luffy from the wanted poster and are shocked. The latter is also able to dodge another beam, before shifting his hand into Gear 2 and taking out his opponent with a Gomu Gomu no Jet Pistol and thus a single blow. Everyone present is stunned and Sentomaru realizes that the attack was amplified with the Busoushoku.

Zoro and Sanji also now arrive at the Grove and greet their captain. Just before they are reunited, however, the two are attacked by the second Pacifista. The swordsman simply sabers the cyborg, while the ship’s cook is able to break its neck. The pirates are again amazed by the strength of the real Straw Hat Pirates, while Luffy is happy to reunite with his two crewmates. Before they flee, however, the rubber boy spots Rayleigh in the distance. The recruits are stunned once again, however, and Luffy thanks the “dark king” for everything. He proudly announces to Rayleigh that he will be Pirate King. These words move the ex-vice-captain of the Roger pirate gang to tears.

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