One Piece Chapter 600


Zoro trains near a river with a barbell weighing a ton in one hand, a terrified crocodile in the other.


Sabaody Archipelago, Grove 35: Chopper, in his aged reindeer form, desperately calls for Robin, who has apparently been kidnapped. He is also disappointed by the change in character of his comrades, who don’t care about the kidnapping of his comrade-in-arms. In reality, however, Chopper had mistaken her for the Fake Gang, who are up to mischief on the island. Suddenly, he is discovered by Usopp and the two are reunited, as well as Nami. After the greeting, the two enlighten the human reindeer about the fake straw hats, which on the one hand enrages him very much, but on the other hand he feels flattered by such fame.

On Grove 40, the fake Zoro and the fake Sanji are looking for Chopper, on the orders of their captain. They want to kidnap the real pet of the Straw Hat Pirates, to seem more realistic. However, they have lost all trace of him. Instead, they run into the guy who embarrassed Fake Luffy earlier, unknowingly having the real Monkey D. Luffy in front of them.

Grove 41: Zoro tells Sanji that he wants to go back to the beach to fish. However, the two quickly get into each other’s hair for the first time in two years, and so they have their usual wild argument in the open.

Grove 46: This is the place where the pirates that the fake Luffy was able to recruit with the help of his stolen fame gather. A naval member observes this and recognizes some rookies who gathered on the island. Among them are “Sliced Albion”, “Lips Service” Doughty and the two most famous, “Wet Hair” Caribou and his brother “Bloodstained” Coribou. While giving report with the Den-den Mushi, however, he is discovered by the captain of the Caribou pirate gang, who now wants to spread his blood all over the place. In a moment of inattention, the marine tries to draw his weapon, but Caribou cuts him down ice cold and then orders his brother to bury the injured man alive.

Now Fake Luffy appears in the square to greet his newly acquired members. They are impressed by this one, as he attacked the three largest facilities of the world government, among others. He then orders the pirates to bring to him the three people who had previously shamed him, these being Luffy, Nami as well as Usopp. Suddenly, however, Fake-Sanji and Fake-Zoro also appear, with the real Luffy in tow. The latter has mistaken them for his real comrades-in-arms and follows them straight into the arms of his vengeful doppelganger, who has no idea who is actually standing in front of him.

On Grove 33, in the Sabaodream concert hall, “Soul King” Brook wants to give his fans an encore. But the concert is interrupted by a squad of marines. From reliable sources they could find out that the famous singer is the former captain of the Rumba Pirates and that he is currently a member of the Straw Hat Pirates, which is why they want to arrest him. While his fans are shocked, Brook’s managers, the longarm people, enter the stage armed. They have betrayed him, as they disagree with his retirement from the music business. However, the musician thanks them anyway, as they had catered to him for the past two years, and wants to sing one last song. Before that, however, he informs the audience that Straw Hat Luffy is still alive. A reporter immediately reports, while the Navy members are held up by fans who still want to hear the last song. So Brook starts his last performance, beginning with the words “New World”.

The Thousand Sunny is anchored on Grove 17, where Usopp, Nami and Chopper have arrived. The reindeer and the gunner are excited about Franky’s new, improved body and immediately want to see his new weapons. However, he wants to wait until Luffy arrives. However, he shows them his now controllable hairstyle. Suddenly Rayleigh and Shakuyaku appear on the Grove. They explain the impending danger from the Navy, that Brook, notified by Den-den Mushi, will arrive soon, and that Luffy is also already on the island, which delights those present. From Grove 42, they are to depart. The time for a new beginning has finally come!

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