One Piece Chapter 599


Luffy eats meat in heaven and falls asleep. Sheep clouds then steal his meal.


Flashback, on the Kuja ship: The Kuja have brought Luffy near the Sabaody Archipelago, but now have to say goodbye to him. To avoid immediate recognition, Hancock offers Luffy a fake moustache, but he refuses it. Instead, he gets Hancock’s coat and pulls the hood far into his face to avoid being recognized. She then hands him another backpack with several years’ worth of clothes, food, drink, towels, and other things. Then, before Luffy disappears in a small dinghy, the Kuja promise to always be there for Luffy when he calls them. Hancock has one last request: she doesn’t want Luffy to say “goodbye.” The latter tells her that he has never said goodbye to anyone and wants to see her again. He then leaves. Hancock now hopes that Luffy’s desire to see her again is a promise of marriage.

Present, Sabaody Archipelago, Grove 47: Fake-Luffy is upset that Luffy, who he doesn’t know who he is, bumped into him and boasts again about the deeds of the Straw Hat Pirates. Fake Luffy demands that Luffy beg for forgiveness on his knees. The members of the Fake Straw Hat Pirates warn Luffy, as well as the audience, that he had better listen to Fake-Luffy. However, he merely apologizes again and wants to continue on his way, but Fake-Luffy was just waiting for that and shoots at him. However, Luffy is able to dodge the bullet, even though it was fired right in front of him. With his Haoushoku, he takes out the Fake Straw Hat Pirates, but the onlookers are unaffected by the attack. He then continues on his way.

Grove 17: Robin has reached the Thousand Sunny and greets her with an apology for making her wait two long years. The Sunny herself, having been coated by Rayleigh, appears to be covered in a layer of soap. Franky, who has changed a lot on the outside, greets Robin in a familiar and blustery manner. Despite his changed appearance, Robin is pleased and says he hasn’t changed a bit. They have a conversation about Franky’s appearance. The cyborg says that he’s probably reached his final form now and that he’s upgraded beyond human imagination. Robin doubts that she will ever be able to treat him like a human again, but Franky takes this as a compliment. They briefly chat about how the coating is incredible technology, then realize that Luffy is the only one of the Straw Hat Pirates who hasn’t shown up yet. Franky is excited that the start of their new journey is coming soon and shows off his new weapons. Then it’s all about Brook becoming a world star and they doubt if he’ll become a pirate again.

Grove 47: The Fake Straw Hats have awakened again. Fake-Zoro, who brought the real Chopper with him, reports to his captain that Fake-Robin has been kidnapped. Chopper, not realizing that he is not in front of his true friends, is beside himself over this and Fake-Zoro cannot explain who kidnapped Fake-Robin. Fake-Luffy decides he doesn’t want to free Fake-Robin and orders the pirates they recruited to gather together to find and punish the three good-for-nothings who made his life miserable (Luffy, Nami, and Usopp). Chopper can’t understand how Luffy can have changed so much in two years and runs off crying to free Fake Robin.

Meanwhile, the Navy has become aware of the fake straw hat gang. They too believe them to be the real gang. They report to the naval station at Grove 66 that the Straw Hat Pirates has been reunited and will assemble the recruited pirates at Grove 46. The Navy soldiers prepare to move into Grove 46 and occupy the adjacent groves to prevent the pirates from escaping. Help from G1 has been requested in the meantime. Sentomaru will leave, taking two Pacifista with him. The soldiers are surprised at this, but Vegapunk’s bodyguard explains that Luffy has certainly grown stronger in his two years away and he is no match for other rookies. He always knew that the Straw Hat Pirates would resurface one day, since Bartholomew Kuma’s action of breaking up the gang has never been resolved. He also mentions that the Samurai of the Seas has become strange since he lost his personality.

Grove 42: Sanji meets a fisherman who is totally upset because a guy with green hair has been missing for so long now. Sanji wants to know exactly what happened. The fisherman explains that a man with three swords came to him because he was bored and wanted to go fishing. He was then told to go to the fisherman’s boat and wait. Sanji shows the fisherman Zoro’s wanted poster and asks if it was this man, to which he answers in the affirmative. He goes on to say that Zoro went to the boat next to his, a coated pirate ship, and fell asleep there. The fisherman tried to wake him up, but he didn’t wake up. And then the ship began to sink and head for Fish-Man Island. Sanji gets upset with Zoro, but also doesn’t worry about him since he’s strong and they know where he is. He therefore asks the fisherman for fish. Suddenly, some people shout that something is happening in the sea as a huge ship split in two appears. It is the ship that Zoro was on. The swordsman destroyed it and realizes that he was on the wrong ship.

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