One Piece Chapter 598


The Straw Hat Pirates after the two-year time jump. The cover is a homage to chapter 001 and so Luffy and Nami can also be found in the same pose.


Calm Belt, Rusukaina: Two years have passed since the Battle of Marine Ford and it is time for the Straw Hats to reunite. Luffy picks up his straw hat again as the Gorgon sisters, Gloriosa and Marguerite have come to collect him. He has now become the master of the beasts of this island and is able to stop them from attacking his friends. Still, he regrets befriending the beasts, since he couldn’t eat them that way. Luffy rejects a subsequent indirect marriage proposal from Hancock, who had plenty of food loaded onto the ship. Rayleigh left the island half a year before, because he could teach his student everything. The latter now bids farewell to the beasts. The departure is imminent.

Grand Line, Sabaody Archipelago: Although it doesn’t have the scale of two years ago, when the Supernovae, who have now made a name for themselves in the New World, gathered here, there are still some rookies on the island again. Among others, the Straw Hat Pirates is said to have been surprisingly spotted and they want to recruit new members via flyer.

Elsewhere in the archipelago, a resident asks if there really are no more tickets for a particular concert. But the final concert of the world tour of the star “Soul King” Brook is sold out. Brook, who now wears flashy clothes after the two years, wants to deliver his best performance on this day, but his managers, the long-armed people of Kenzan, who kidnapped him back then, regret this, as the sales of the “TD”‘s have just reached their peak. Before the concert, however, the talking skeleton has something to tell them. Finally, at Grove 33, the “Sabaodream” concert hall, Brook’s big performance begins, causing the fans to cheer.

On Grove 44, Sanji and the trannies are just arriving. The ship’s cook now wears his crown on the other side and has grown a beard. He is immediately excited to finally see a real woman again and says an unfriendly goodbye to the Okamas, but also leaves greetings to Iva. Immediately he wants to go to Nami and Robin.

In a bar, Nami, who has let her hair grow long, is told by the innkeeper that the naval headquarters is no longer to be found on Marine Ford, but that the new Grand Admiral has caused the base to be swapped with Base G1. Because the headquarters is now on the other side of the Redline, crime has also increased on the Sabaody Archipelago.

Suddenly, a gunshot rings out. Monkey D. Luffy gets upset that his gang wants a person with a bounty under 55 million to join, as he only wants people over the 70 million mark. Of course, this is not the real Luffy. A chubby guy is impersonating him to take advantage of the Straw Hat’s reputation. He’s created a whole gang of lookalikes, so now a fake Sogeking, Franky, and even Nami are with him. His attempt to recruit members is already very successful, so 100 people and three whole crews have joined him. This includes the two rookies Caribou and Coribou. He also asks the real Nami to join him, but she refuses because she is waiting for someone. Thereupon she threatens her doppelganger. However, the latter is suddenly hit by the Green Star: Devil attack, which results in a giant carnivorous plant that also attacks the rest of the fake pirates. The attacker is Usopp, who has become visibly more masculine by now, and asks Nami if she’d like to have a drink with him. She is very happy to see her comrade again and gives him a hug. The attack was carried out by the gunman with his new weapon Pop Green, he is said to have since moved away from the weakling trio which included Nami, Chopper and him. Wanting to discuss something with him, the navigator drags him to another bar, taking out the pirates present in the bar with one of her new techniques beforehand. Fake Luffy now desperately wants them both dead.

Grove 13, Bottakuri Bar: Sanji has now arrived at Shakuyaku’s place and learns that Zoro arrived first. Then Franky arrived ten days ago, who immediately rushed to the Thousand Sunny. This was coated in the meantime and didn’t get a scratch for the two years thanks to Duval’s supervision. Sanji therefore thanks the bandaged leader of the Rosy-Life Riders, who is also present. Shakuyaku goes on to say that afterwards Nami arrived, who went shopping out of boredom. Usopp arrived three days ago, Chopper just yesterday, and Brook is giving a concert on the island today. So the only ones missing are Robin and Luffy. Rayleigh notes that it’s already an extremely difficult task to return to the island at all and pays his respects to the gang.

Meanwhile, agents are reporting that they’ve found Nico Robin. Their commander wants her alive at all costs. She herself has managed to hide in the meantime but, now wearing sunglasses, wonders what is going on as she reads the flyers of Brooks’ concert and the one of the fake straw hats.

On Grove 47, Chopper, wearing a different hat, seems to have met his comrades again, but wonders why they don’t talk to him. In reality, however, these are also members of the fake gang, which Zoro, Sanji, Robin and Chopper himself mime. They recognise the reindeer from its wanted poster and want to take it with them, as they would seem much more realistic that way. So the fake Robin kicks away the fox they had disguised as Chopper, and tries to lure the real one with a cucumber while being bitten by the fox. Suddenly she is attacked by the agents and kidnapped, which greatly shocks the ship’s doctor, who still thought she was the real one. Robin also realizes that she has been mistaken for the real one.

Grove 12: A person in a coat thinks he needs to hurry up and wonders if the others have arrived yet.

Marine Ford, current Marine Base G1: Momonga receives a report that the Straw Hat Pirates may have been seen again on the Sabaody Archipelago. He gives the order to inform headquarters and send a force.

Back on the archipelago, fake Luffy mercilessly shoots down a couple, mistaking them for Nami and Usopp. Suddenly he is knocked over by someone, whereupon he angrily demands them to stop. But the person wearing the coat is the real Monkey D. Luffy!

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