One Piece Chapter 595


Grand Line, near the Sabaody Archipelago: Trafalgar Law’s crew is surprised that they haven’t entered the New World yet. Law, leaning against the sleeping Bepo, however, wants to wait, as he doesn’t want to get into any stupid fights. He’d rather have the others kill each other. Let his people be quiet and follow his orders. He will surely ascend the throne in time. His men are completely enthralled with him.

New World, a winter island: X. Drake converses with the man who protects the island on Kaidou’s behalf. If the former naval officer were to harm the island’s guardian, there is no way Kaidou would tolerate it. For X. Drake, this seems to be welcome news, as he attacks the man.

New World, a Spring Island: Scratchmen Apoo and his gang are on the run from a wild horde of boars. They try to save themselves by jumping down a cliff, but instead of falling, they keep running, this time seemingly in mid-air. Since the pursuers can also run in the air, they continue to have a problem.

A Burning Island: The Blackbeard pirate gang has made themselves comfortable on a burning island. San-Juan Wolf whines about having to stand in the water, running out of steam and getting bitten by fish. Blackbeard yells at him to shut up, after all, it was his fault that the gang’s raft almost broke apart. Shiryu remarks that it was a stupid idea to enter the New World on the raft. Blackbeard then realizes that he probably could have done a better job stealing a naval battleship. Shiryu accuses the gang of being completely unprepared. Avalo Pizarro seizes the moment and suggests Blackbeard give him the captaincy, which Laffitte refuses to do, saying they are the Blackbeard pirates. The entire crew sets their own priorities like rum and clothes. Blackbeard knows why they do this: they are bored with the long wait.

He addresses his prisoner, the Supernovae Jewelry Bonney. He marvels that such a little girl as she could receive a bounty of over 100,000,000. This sea, the New World, is the sea of the chosen, the strong, he says. He does not need her for his crew, as she is too weak, but if she would become his wife, he would take her with him into the ocean that lies before them, but Bonney refuses with well-chosen words. Blackbeard is not disappointed at her rude rebuff, as he desires a gallant wife. He reports that the time of the exchange is at hand. Van Augur then informs him that he sees the naval battleship, but the navy is unlikely to trade it since Akainu is aboard. The gang therefore takes to their heels.

Akainu asks Bonney where Blackbeard is. When he learns that he is gone, he tells her that he was very worried when he heard that she had fled from the world government. She yells at him that she will never forgive them.

Mary Geoise: Donquixote Doflamingo is having a conversation with an unknown government employee. They are talking about how Moria, just before he lost his life, somehow disappeared, which the pirate finds very funny, but his counterpart does not. He’s pissed that the Samurai of the Seas did such a sloppy job. Doflamingo now gets pissed and tells the man that he’s not his boss, no matter how powerful he is, and then he can always vacate his samurai post if he bugs him.

Southblue Torino: Chopper has returned and asks to be allowed to stay on the island for a while longer, as he wants to study the plants. He also wants to become much stronger. The locals then show him a large library where he can learn about the plants that can be made into strong medicine. The reindeer is amazed that the people, who seem so simple, have such knowledge and culture. Chopper has been fooled by appearances. Now he remembers his youth and realizes that he just did what people used to do to him: They misjudged others. Luffy took him out to sea, giving him a new lease on life. Chopper doesn’t want to be separated from his friends again and decides to become a true monster.

Grand Line, Momoiro: Sanji doesn’t want to tell Ivankov the secret message because he doesn’t believe him about being a straw hat. He then asks him what it is that she is eating, as it gives him incredible strength. Ivankov tells him about the “battle cuisine” that makes the people on this island so incredibly strong. Sanji thinks about it and is impressed. He imagines how he can train his friends through food. Sanji asks Ivankov to tell him the secrets of the fighting kitchen, but Ivankov is unwilling to do so. Only when Sanji is willing to turn his heart into that of a young girl and learn fag kung fu will he learn the 99 recipes, but the chef refuses because he is a man. Ivankov likes this and he tells Sanji that he will give one recipe to each of the fag kung fu masters on the island. If Sanji manages to defeat them, he will receive their recipes. In return, the faggots will try to put dresses on him all the time. Also, if Sanji defeats them all, he is to receive a ship. Remembering his acceptance into the Straw Hat Pirates and making his captain promise to give him the best support a cook can give, he accepts the challenge.

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