One Piece Chapter 594


Monkey D. Garp and Sengoku are drinking tea while building a tower in the middle of the table with their cookies. Sengoku has his typical seagull on his head and his goat is eating paper behind Garp again.


Redline, the Holy Land Mary Geoise: The Five Elders confer about the current state of the world. One thinks that Straw Hat Luffy is a man who knows how to create a riot. Despite being Garp’s grandson, however, he can kind of understand him. Another sage wonders what his connection is with Rayleigh. They are also concerned that Jinbe is now finally turning on them, as the fish-man was supposed to be a reconciliation towards the races. With the balance of the Three Powers completely upset, the Sage with the katana asks who should replace the places of the three missing Shichibukai. The recent-looking sage says that they should pay attention to what is happening in the New World first, as the balance in the ranks of the pirates themselves should also change. They need to nominate a more influential person. Now the five are consulting about Blackbeard, who has already defeated a rookie in the New World with more than 100 million berry bounty. Teach is also said to be the hottest contender to join the ranks of the Four Emperors, as he is said to be the first person to eat two devil fruits. The people to stop him, he says, are the emperors themselves or Marco the Phoenix, as well as the rest of the Whitebeard gang. The Sage with Katana thinks “D.” always means danger, the name has been leaked a bit too often lately.

Also in Mary Geoise, Sengoku has entered Commander General Kong’s office. The latter explains to the Grand Admiral that Garp was with him a short time before and has resigned his post. However, his benefits and post remain untouched and he remains in the Navy to train young marines. Sengoku also wants to resign from his post, so the general commander asks him to do the same as Garp. These terms he accepts and Kong thinks that this will be great news for the world. With the escapees of the 6th level Impel Downs, many legendary pirates are back on the loose and the era of pirates is reborn. Sengoku asks him what an old soldier in the navy would help, justice is all a matter of personal values. One generation cannot be overcome. More importantly, he suggests Kong Aokiji as a candidate for the post of the new Grand Admiral.

At the naval headquarters under reconstruction, Aokiji and Smoker are talking. The admiral, who is reading the newspaper, wonders if the 16 times “he” rings is any kind of message. Smoker, however, thinks it’s more important to talk about his transfer. Aokiji wants to try to work it out with Sengoku, but he asks the flotilla admiral if he really wants to be transferred to G5, the Navy’s outpost in the New World. Smoker just says it’s better to have his destination close by.

In the medical building of the headquarters, a doctor explains to Koby that the shock he suffered during the war has awakened his Haki. Actually, you only get it through hard training and that’s how all Vice Admirals use it. Koby thinks he felt too much human presence, which is why he can’t calm down. The Doctor, chewing on fish bones, just says they should ask Garp, whose students they are, about it. Helmeppo is now furious with Koby, since he is now one step ahead of him. But he says he doesn’t know what happened himself.

Brannew, meanwhile, explains in the agenda chamber that after the war, it came to light that Monkey D. Luffy is the blood brother of the late Portgas D. Ace, son of the revolutionary Monkey D. Dragon, and also grandson of Vice Admiral Monkey D. Garp. His whereabouts were unknown until recently, but he suddenly reappeared at naval headquarters! With him was ex-Samurai of the Seas Jinbe as well as former Vice Captain of Pirate King Gol D. Roger, Silvers Rayleigh. As the headquarters is under reconstruction, many onlookers and reporters come to the island. At the same time, pirates provoked by Whitebeard’s death are creating incidents everywhere. Because of this, many marines have left the headquarters. And with this lack of defense, Luffy, Jinbe, and Rayleigh showed up, stole a navy ship, and took it for a ride around Marine Ford, which is a burial at sea ritual. Afterwards, Luffy went to the square alone and rang the “Ox Bell” on the western edge 16 times. He then threw a bouquet of flowers across the square and held a silent prayer. Journalists photographed this event, which is why this incident ended up in the newspaper and so did the fact that the Navy could do nothing about it. Brannew still says that one might think that the Straw Hat wanted to mourn those who had died in the war, which included his older brother and Whitebeard, but he only had to ring the bell twice for that. However, he rang it sixteen times, which is recorded as a declaration of war!

On an island in the New World, Eustass Kid reads about Luffy in the newspaper. He asks what the Ox Bell is. Killer answers him that it is the sacred bell at Ox Square. He says that ringing it sixteen times is a naval tradition to mark the end of the old year and the beginning of the new. At this point in time, however, the significance would more likely represent the end of the old and the beginning of the new “era”. Kid wonders if Luffy is saying that he will create the new era. A member of Kid’s pirate gang suggests that if not, the Straw Hat may have gouged out his wounds by returning to the place where he lost his brother. The Kid is amused by this and throws the paper away while strange animals in the woods watch the pirates. Luffy may be the only Supernova who stood out in the war, however Kid doesn’t think to be so generous as to just let him run around. He then turns to a couple of tied up pirates that he was disappointed with in the New World. However, these beg him to let them live so they can return to “paradise”. The Kid asks him if he means their warm, safe home before activating his devil powers and crucifying the pirates at lightning speed. With the motto “Live or die!” he declares that people with that kind of determination shouldn’t have come to this sea in the first place.

Also in the New World, a member of his gang reports to Capone Gang Bege that their ship has left the surface and is floating in the air. The latter is at dinner and replies that he should steer as he always does. It is then reported that a huge something is coming at them from above. Before they can do anything about it, they are sucked up by the something.

On the Grand Line, the Kuja ship sails. Luffy apologizes for the long journey and asks what the Kuja are doing. The latter pulls on the man’s body and watch those at Hancock’s command, which has collapsed a bit as her heart has been beating too hard. Luffy, meanwhile, is worried if the incident will be enough of a message to his gang. Rayleigh, however, is unconcerned, despite the fact that there were two stupid-looking people among Luffy’s gang. He and Jinbe are also pulled by the curious Amazons.

Chopper, who is traveling with a bird from the Southblue, has by now reached the skies above the Grand Line. He recognizes Luffy’s message, while he has tears in his eyes.

Robin, who is on Tequila Wolf with some revolutionaries, also understands the message. The revolutionaries ask her what happened.

In the kingdom of Kamabakka, Sanji also understands what the captain wanted to tell the gang with the incident. Ivankov asks him what is going on.

In the ruins of the kingdom of Shickeahru, Perona has to hold up the paper to the weakened Zoro. The latter still needs a bit to decipher Luffy’s message.

Usopp, who is in the Boin Archipelago, is shocked to discover the news to him in the newspaper as well, while Heracles asks him what they should do now.

On the sky island Weatheria, Haredas warns Nami that pursuers are after her. The navigator meanwhile thinks that Luffy doesn’t even think about her feelings since he is so selfish.

After the “Nightmare of Balsimore”, Franky’s front is pretty much destroyed. But he still calmly reads the newspaper and understands Luffy’s message.

Brook has been taken to the Tena Gena Kingdom by the long-armed humans and is presented sitting in a cage as a mysterious wonder of the world. However, he too is able to read the messages and discovers the message.

In the New World, Basil Hawkins asks a person if he can repeat something because he didn’t understand it correctly. The person is Brownbeard, who brags about his bounty of 80 million berries and that this village now belongs to him. Hawkins, who is sitting on one of Brownbeard’s defeated men, says that he had misheard the pirate’s name because it sounded so ridiculous. He then explains that he hates jokes and secondly that Brownbeard’s “shadow of death” is visible. At this, the Supernovae transforms into his monster form and draws his sword.

Urouge and his gang are horrified as their log port points to an island where it is raining lightning. A strange ship suddenly appears behind them. An old woman on it asks the pirates if they might need umbrellas.

All men of valor who set foot in the New World say this about the first half of the Grand Line: “That ocean was a paradise!”

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