One Piece Chapter 593


Kuzan and Kranich pass an island in a small boat. While a monster lurks behind them, the admiral eats an Onigiri in peace and crane drinks some wine.


In East Blue, Robin is being driven by the revolutionaries to Monkey D. Dragon in a carriage. She, on the other hand, wants to join her fellow revolutionaries as soon as possible. In any case, because of the Ohara incident and her skills in archaeology, she enjoys the protection of the revolutionaries. Of course, based on her good information, they also know who Robin belongs to. They then travel along a section of the bridge that was built 300 years ago. There, Robin also gets the reason for the bridge’s creation explained: the Tenryuubito only commissioned it so that slaves could work.

Scene change to the Kingdom of Kamabakka on Momoiro: In order to find out whether Sanji really belongs to the Straw Hats, Emporio Ivankov goes through all the wanted posters with him. Of course, Sanji struggles again with his poorly-drawn image, and Iva, when he grudgingly admits to it, doesn’t want to believe him at all. Still, he continues to ask for information about Luffy and a ship he can take back. However, when he just won’t give it to him, he challenges him to a fight, which Iva wins in seconds. Nevertheless, he gives the paper to the cook afterwards and afterwards the transgender King receives a call from Baltigo.

First Iva asks how the revolutionaries react to the news about Dragon’s relatives. They simply realize that their boss is only human. Then Iva asks Dragon if he has already read the surprising news about his son, to which he silently agrees. After that, however, the leader wants to tell Ivankov the truth about Bartholomew Kuma’s affair with the world government, which he is already burning for, since he was attacked by him in Marine Ford.

Events switch to the Sabaody Archipelago, where some human traffickers want to steal the Thousand Sunny, as they expect to make a hefty profit from it. Duval again merely understands that he is supposed to be beautiful, but does not want to give up the ship under any circumstances. Shortly after, Camie, Pappag, Hatchan and Shakuyaku join the Tobiuo Riders. The mermaid cheers Duval on how cool he is, whereupon he immediately starts flirting. Meanwhile, the others are already thinking about what to show the Straw Hats first on Fish Man Island. Camie and Shakuyaku determine that things must be good for Luffy based on the new news. Also, according to the paper, Rayleigh is with him as well. Shortly after, however, the Riders are disturbed by a very unexpected guest: Bartholomew Kuma, who even holds a Bible in his hand and thus seems to be the real deal.

On Sandy Island, Chaka and Pell have just defeated pirates, whereupon King Kobra wishes that all pirates were like Luffy. Pell asks him shortly afterwards if he has already read the newspaper, which he answers in the affirmative. Vivi is completely confused and runs to her room. At first she can’t believe the report, but then she realizes that it must be true.

Crocodile and Daz Bonez discuss the same topic on a Grand Line island. They wonder, in particular, how the serious injuries can all be healed already. Crocodile, however, notes that his are also healed and then asks his partner if he will come with him to the New World once more. He calmly agrees.

On another island, Buggy’s gang and himself celebrate the reunion. He has many well-known pirates with high bounties in tow. Mohji and Cabaji, of course, celebrate themselves in front of them as great commanders of the pirate gang. Galdino then catches a message from the world government meant for Buggy. He just can’t believe it and the clown is equally shocked by it.

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