One Piece Chapter 592


Akainu is taking care of a bonsai tree. Kizaru, who is drinking something, observes this. An elephant bathing in the background also seems to be interested.


Grand Line, Kuraigana: After a person who had been living in the castle above the ruins of the land of Shickeahru all these years returns and tells her the information of the current newspaper, Perona cries about the death of her master Moria. The latter finds this annoying, whereupon the ghost princess yells at him, saying that she is his guest. However, she says, he did not invite her. The person living on the island is Hawkeye. He doubts the accuracy of the newspaper article, as he had seen Moria still at the battlefield where he died according to the report. Therefore, he is not sure if the latter is still alive now and what happened to him.

Outside the castle Zoro fights with a horde of armed baboons. With his attack Oni Giri he manages to injure one of them. After a short outcry, however, the monkey already tries to heal itself with its own saliva, which puts Zoro on edge. When the horde gets in his way again, Hawkeye appears, who visibly impresses the baboons. He teasingly says to his old opponent that he hasn’t come far yet and probably won’t need the boat he provided. But Zoro only wanted to use it as a swimming aid anyway. Mihawk asks him why he’s in such a hurry despite his injuries, to which Zoro replies that he can’t sit still after Hawkeye told him what happened to Luffy. However, the sword master tells him he wouldn’t get past the baboons so easily. By copying human characteristics, they adapted to the prevailing conditions. If they live with peaceful humans, they grow up peacefully. But seven years ago, a brutal war took place in Shickeahru. As a result, the monkeys became “forest soldiers”, which became very strong because of the weapons. Just what a young, cocky man like Zoro needs, says Hawkeye. Afterwards he invites him back to his castle, but the swordsman angrily refuses. He wants to leave the island.

Sky Island Weatheria: While the scientists of the island are wondering how to punish the “thief”, Nami, who is locked up, screams for Haredas, because she wants to be freed from her captivity. The latter also appears and greets her with some “Hey”‘s. After he wants to show her the wind knot again, she hits him on the head with some bumps through the glass wall. She was originally captured because she stole a weather ball and knot from the weather gardens and wanted to escape back to the ocean. Nami doesn’t think this is a problem though, as an ex-thief and pirate, which is why the residents consider her a dangerous person. She had also read about the incidents on Marine Ford and starts crying because Ace died in front of Luffy and she didn’t know about it. She wants to go to her rendezvous point on the Sabaody Archipelago, which is why she is released. However, in a flash, she disappears along with the previously captured stolen goods and Haredas. The tears are gone as well. As she flees, she thinks about how Luffy was always there for his crew, yet she wasn’t there for him when he was in need. Haredas then notices that she is still crying fake tears, which infuriates Nami.

Grand Line, Karakuri (Iceland): In the future land of Balsimore, an intruder is being hunted in Vegapunk’s birthplace. It’s Franky, who is being chased by robotic animals and marines, who warn each other not to fire weapons, as everything is world treasure. The cyborg also adheres to this and thus holds back attacks on his part.

Shortly before, the two people who found him at that time and also showed him Vegapunk’s old house explained to him that the great scientist was the pride of the island and experienced his youth here. So the large, strange-looking mountain was to become a heating system for the land. He also modified Karakuri’s animals so that they could perform work in the laboratory. But he was also frustrated, as time could never match his intelligence. Thus, he lacked the money and skills, why he even cried as he could not make people’s lives easier. This gave the inhabitants of the island the warmth they needed. Because of the story, Franky begins to cry. But he should never enter the laboratory, which has a self-destruct button. But it is the only place that has an icebreaker ready to leave the island. He, too, has heard the news from his captain and must return to him. So he makes his way into the building, where the guards are finally waiting for him.

Now the cyborg finds Vegapunk’s blueprints in his old room and is extremely impressed. The marines who are looking for him think that it would be breaking the law if anything was destroyed. The islanders have also heard about the intruder and are wondering how much the sketches are worth. Meanwhile, Franky sees a Jolly Roger in the lab and touches it. However, it was the self-destruct button, whereupon Vegapunk’s birthplace blows up in a huge explosion. The shocked naval personnel already notify the naval headquarters about the incident. This great event soon spread throughout the world as “the nightmare of Balsimore”.

Grand Line, Namakura: In the land of poverty, Harahettarnia, the inhabitants thank Satan. At last they were able to defeat the long-armed people. Brook, whom they believe to be the devil, had composed a song for them, whereupon the populace, who had never held weapons before, went to battle. They lost, but Brook intervened and finished off the human thieves. This one only wanted to see the people fight, as no god or devil would help the people unless they fought for themselves. They should follow this principle even after his departure, which they approve of and thank him for. But Brook had also heard about Luffy’s fate, and in his mind he meant to sing to him. He was on his way to him. The long-armed people, who were locked in a cage, are at the same time disgusted about it, because they wanted to show off the people with only one joint in their home for money. One citizen, however, has the exact same thought for the bandits with the two joints. Brook, however, thinks that this would be just as bad as the deeds of the long-armed people before and it would be better to free them. He scares the human thieves beforehand with a message to eat their hearts if they return. Remorseful, they vow to return to their homeland, but they tie Brook up and kidnap him. The devil, in their opinion, does not exist and a rare living skeleton would be even a better show. The citizens of Harahettarnia, however, have learned nothing and are already preparing for another ritual. Brook directs words to Luffy again in his mind to be strong and chant and he will be there soon. But he shouts out his own cry for help shortly after.

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