One Piece Chapter 588


The Straw Hat Pirates hosts a tea party with animals and eats donuts while dressed formally.


Sabo has set sail while the residents of Goa are watching this. One resident loudly expresses that he had stolen his boat. Others are surprised because he has hoisted the pirate flag. Sabo could also destroy the ceremony with it and should obligingly return immediately. But he does not want to be turned into a completely different person by this country. Dogra also observes this and recognizes Sabo, when suddenly a big ship with the symbol of the world government appears. Sabo thinks he would like to have such a huge boat one day too and wants to avoid the ship, but he is spotted by World Aristocrat Jalmack, whose appearance is cheered by the population. He picks up a bazooka and shoots Sabo’s boat.

Meanwhile, Luffy still wants to leave to look for Ace, who was left behind in the Gray Terminal fire along with Dadan a few days earlier, which the mountain bandits also understand. They also believe in a survival of that one and Dadan. But for Luffy, with his wounds, it would be too dangerous to go into the city guarded with soldiers at the moment. Dogra is also in the capital to keep an eye out for the two.

Meanwhile, the latter has to watch as Sabo’s boat catches fire. Some of the residents are also worried about the child. Sabo himself tries to put out the fire and wonders why he was suddenly shot at. Jalmack, however, merely says to his subjects that he was flying the pirate flag and is therefore a pirate. Furthermore he came in the way of the ship and therefore deserved it. Shortly afterwards another shot is fired. The nobles worry that this may have angered the world aristocrat and demand that the ship’s remains be cleared away. Dogra is shocked. Only Sabo’s hat and the remains of the boat are left floating on the surface of the water.

Meanwhile, the mountain bandits are happy again: Ace has returned with Dadan on his back. Luffy is delighted, as he thought Ace was dead. The latter, however, angrily says that he shouldn’t just imagine such things. Together, Ace and Dadan defeated Bluejam, but couldn’t get through the wall of fire. Dadan was badly burned by it. Ace finally managed to climb out of the fire and stole medicine from the city to treat his foster mother. Even now, he is still amazed that this could happen to the trash town and is worried about Sabo.

Meanwhile, Jalmack rides a slave towards the royal palace, cheered by the inhabitants.

Dadan asks Ace why he didn’t run away, whereupon Ace says that he got some kind of protective instinct because Luffy was behind him and that’s why he never runs away in such situations. Dadan then recalls a conversation with Garp shortly after he handed Ace over to her. He said that the latter’s father Roger did not flee to defend his crew even in the most hopeless situations. He raged like a demon and even destroyed entire countries just because a comrade of his was insulted. He was going through the same thing as Ace at that time. He didn’t want to lose someone beloved and the bond between him and his men was enormous. Not even Garp as a Navy Vice Admiral could dislike him, which is why he took over Ace. Therefore, Dadan concludes that Ace, despite hating his father, could not fight his bloodline.

While Luffy has two bugs fight each other, Dogra returns. He has to explain that Sabo is dead, which is why he is immediately attacked by Ace. Such a lie or joke he would never forgive that one. But Dogra had seen this with his own eyes. Sabo only wanted to be free. The two boys immediately become sad because they didn’t help him. Ace immediately wants to kill his killer, but is brutally stopped by Dadan, as the latter would only die in his plans. Sabo’s killer is this land, this world. Ace’s father could change the world through his death. Only by becoming so infamous himself could he live and die as he wished. As a result, the mountain robbers tie Ace to a tree, while Luffy starts crying. Because of this, Ace immediately drives at him, saying that a man doesn’t do such things.

The next day, Ace is untied again. A letter from Sabo has arrived, addressed to Luffy and Ace. Reading it, he goes to the coast. In this letter Sabo told them his plans to become a pirate. He also asked who is actually the older brother and that Ace should take good care of the little crybaby Luffy. Ace looks out to sea as his eyes fill with tears. Like Luffy before, who he ran into because of this, he cries for his deceased brother.

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