One Piece Chapter 587


Dragon and Ivankov are dousing some Den-den Mushis with water. Dragon wears a shirt with the inscription “Dragon” and the picture of a dragon. Their watering cans look like elephant heads.


A few days earlier in Goa: The King contacts Bluejam and orders him to burn down the Gray Terminal. In return, he promises to make him and his gang nobles.

In the present: Bluejam realizes he has been hoodwinked by the king. But the pirates can’t escape from the burning Gray Terminal either, as their ship is already on fire as well.

Meanwhile, in the royal palace, the king complains that although it is night, it is still light outside. His servants therefore close the curtains for him. At the same time, a nobleman teaches his daughter that the inhabitants of the huge garbage dump have only themselves to blame for not having been born nobles. He then sends her to bed, as she still has much to learn tomorrow.

Meanwhile, the residents of Gray Terminal flee from the flames. Luffy and Ace are also among them. They eventually meet up with Bluejam again, who has surrounded them. Since they had started the fire with him, they shall die with him as well. He also wants to know where the stash of Ace’s and Sabo’s treasure is. Luffy says that it took his two brothers a long time to gather it. Ace, on the other hand, decides to reveal the location of the money. Their lives are more important, he says.

However, after revealing everything, Bluejam continues to hold the two captive. There is still a chance that they were lying. Ace is visibly enraged, but the pirate captain points his gun at him. The latter plans to make a return and exact revenge on the nobility. He also refers to Sabo as such a snoot, though Ace angrily denies this. Bluejam insists on his opinion, saying that Sabo merely used him and Luffy to let a little time pass. Luffy then bites the arm of the pirate who is holding him. He gets free, but is slashed by the pirate with his sword and he threatens him with death, whereupon Ace throws a tantrum. The buccaneers then fall down unconscious, it seems to be the Haoushoku. Only Bluejam stops and pushes the ten-year-old to the ground. He wants to shoot him.

Suddenly Dadan shows up and stops the pirate from killing her godchild. Together with her band of mountain pirates, she has finally found them. Dogra takes care of Luffy, who tells her that Sabo is no longer with them. Bluejam recognizes Dadan, who however immediately gives the order to flee. Only Ace stays behind and wants to fight. While Dogra wants to stop him, Luffy also wants to fight. However, the mountain bandit boss herself decides to fight along with her foster child. The rest flee with the hope that Dadan will return safely. Bluejam, on the other hand, is unconcerned since his opponents are only a woman and a child.

Meanwhile, the residents of Gray Terminal are desperate as they see no way out of the sea of flames. But suddenly a violent gust of wind reaches the burning garbage dump and forms a path to freedom. At the end of the path, the revolutionaries anchor, among whom are their leader Dragon as well as Ivankov as well as Bartholomew Kuma. Ivankov asks Dragon if he is in any way connected to this place. He responds by saying that the Goa Kingdom is like a sketch for the future of the world, where no more happiness can be found. At some point, he wants them to see him change it. Eventually, he means to come to the inhabitants of the Gray Terminal on his ship if they will fight for freedom. Together with them, they depart from the island.

While the king of the country sleeps, the people of the capital are still watching the fire from inside. Ace and Dadan have stayed behind in the Gray Terminal fire and have not yet returned, so the band of mountain robbers, gazing at the fire, mourn. Luffy wants to leave soon after to look for Ace, but is too badly injured. However, he is eager to see his brother, also Sabo is surely worried. Meanwhile, the soldiers clear away the remains of the Gray Terminal. They find fewer bodies than expected, however, which they say is because they were burned, bones and all. At the same time, the citizens are glad that Bluejam’s gang was probably burned as well.

Sabo’s father had meanwhile brought his son back and says that he will always bring him back. He should now learn, like Sterry, and make his parents happy. The adopted son therefore thinks he will always be there for his father, who takes him shopping for expensive clothes because of the imminent arrival of the “sky dragons”. Sabo, however, wonders how Ace and Luffy are doing and longs for freedom.

Finally, the day has come when the World Nobles from the Grand Line are to arrive in the kingdom in the East Blue. Therefore, an extravagant arrival celebration is held. Suddenly, however, a fishing boat appears with a child on it. It is Sabo, who sees the appropriate day to set sail as a pirate.

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