One Piece Chapter 585


Magellan and Hannyabal are sitting on a jetty fishing. Behind them a very big fish is watching them. Maybe the fish is jealous of the two, because they are eating cookies.


Luffy’s Home Island: Ace and Luffy fight each other, but Ace wins, as in many fights before. Luffy doesn’t really have his gum-gum powers under control yet, so he tried to use a gum-gum pistol, but hit the ground and the ricochet hit him himself. Ace asks him if his powers are even good for anything. Luffy, who is on the ground, is furious and threatens them that if he could use his powers properly, they would all be dead. Luffy wants another fight, but Ace refuses; there are only 100 fights a day for each of them. Luffy has lost to both Ace and Sabo 50 times in the day. Ace has won 26 times against Sabo and lost 24 times. Sabo is annoyed by Ace’s dominance. As a result, they went to find something to eat.

Next to the Gray Terminal lies the capital of the kingdom of Goa. Into this city Ace, Sabo and Luffy sneak, go to pubs and afterwards bounce the bill. As they do this once again and run away, they encounter a man who seems to recognize Sabo and tells Sabo to come home. Ace and Luffy want to know who the man is, but Sabo thinks he has mistaken him for someone else and keeps running. Once the three are out of danger and out of town, however, Ace and Luffy insist that Sabo is hiding something, which he denies. When they threaten to finish Sabo off, he confesses to them that he is the son of a nobleman. He is not an orphan, nor was he born in Gray Terminal. The man who summoned him was his father. Sabo apologizes for lying to them, which Luffy immediately forgives him for because of his apology.

Ace wants to know why Sabo came to Gray Terminal. Sabo remembers back to his childhood. His parents didn’t consider his childish needs, they wanted him to grow up to be a handsome noble and thus destroyed his childhood. Feeling that he was a hindrance to them, he ran away from home. He would rather live a life in a garbage mountain than one dictated by his parents. This is also the reason why he wants to become a pirate. He wants to escape from this kingdom and be a free man. He wants to have many adventures and later write a book about it. Luffy and Ace also dream of becoming captains of their own gangs. The three boys are now faced with a problem, as they thought the other two would each sign on with them. But what if they all three have powerful gangs and meet at sea? Ace thinks they should leave things that concern the future to the future. He stole sake from Dadan and distributes it.

Ace explains that when they swap their drinking bowls, they are brothers and a bond is formed between them that can never be broken. Thereupon, the three toast. Much time passes, during which the new brothers fight many battles, whether in town, at the dinner table, or in the jungle. They grow stronger and stronger. Sometimes they get a visit from Makino and Woop Slapp. But every now and then they also get a visit from Garp, who gives them a good beating. They grow and get stronger, move out of Dadan’s house and live in a tree house. They have a lot of fun.

Until one day Bluejam shows up and captures Sabo. He comes accompanied by Sabo’s father, who wants his son back. He is an obnoxious, conceited man. His behavior is similar to that of World Nobles, he sees Ace and Luffy as dirt. After taking Sabo back, the nobleman orders the pirates to take care of the two children. Sabo, however, saves his brothers by swearing allegiance to his father. Crying, Sabo follows his father.

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