One Piece Chapter 583


Hogback and Absalom sit on a summer island and let beautiful women and elephant ladies surround them.


East Blue, ten years ago: Luffy Hates Mountain Robbers. Dadan, who as we all know is the leader of her own band of mountain robbers, yells at Luffy that she’s had enough of guys like him. If he doesn’t like it with her, he should just get the hell out of here and die. Over the next few days, Luffy is told to clean, tidy, polish weapons and shoes, murder, pillage, steal. And he can’t tell Garp about any of it. Luffy complains that rice and water won’t fill him up. He wants some of the meat Ace is eating. Dadan keeps yelling at Luffy that it’s Ace’s meat and he gave them some, not Luffy. If he wants meat, then he should kindly get some for himself, which Luffy agrees to, much to Dadan’s surprise. Luffy was abandoned in the jungle by his grandfather when he was a small child, and it was there that he learned to live off what nature provided. As a result, he runs after Ace into the forest. He is no longer angry at him for spitting on him.

Ace, however, ignores young Luffy and hurls a tree at him. The rubber boy, who does little harm, continues to stubbornly pursue Ace. Ace, on the other hand, tries everything to get rid of Luffy, so he throws him off a suspension bridge into a deep ravine. Luffy then disappears for a whole week. Dadan wants to know from Ace where the kid is, but he doesn’t care. Dadan is already preparing to confess to Garp that Luffy died in an accident. She’s also afraid the government will get wind that the devil’s son is staying with her. However, when Luffy reappears, everyone is surprised that he is still alive. They send him to bed, as he would have a lot of hard work for them to do the next day. But the next day, he again pursues Ace, whom he asks to be his friend. But Ace keeps running from him and trying to take him out.

After three months, Luffy has finally managed to track Ace through the entire jungle. At the end of the forest is a massive garbage dump, Gray Terminal, where many criminals hang out. Ace, in the meantime, meets up with his friend Sabo, with whom he plans to engage in piracy. For this purpose, they steal money together to buy a ship. However, Luffy has spotted the two boys and yells over to them, which pisses them off since they want to keep their meetings a secret. Sabo and Ace have Luffy tied to a tree. Luffy, happy to meet Sabo, asks him to be his friend too. But since Luffy has figured out their secret, the two criminals decide to kill him. Sabo wants to slit Luffy’s throat, but having never killed anyone before, he doesn’t dare. As Luffy screams for help, some men take notice of the children. Ace and Sabo observe a man who is apparently looking for them, since they stole money from him. It is Porchemy from Bluejam’s pirate gang, who wants his money back.

In the meantime, Luffy was able to free himself from his bonds and sneak away, but is captured by Porchemy. Desperate, Luffy calls for Ace, which Porchemy of course overhears and wants to know if Luffy knows Ace, which he answers in the affirmative. The pirate then asks Luffy if he knows where his money is. Luffy lies very badly and claims he doesn’t know where the money is. Porchemy then takes Luffy to tease out of him what he knows. Ace and Sabo look after them in shock.

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