One Piece Chapter 582


The Straw Hat Pirates and some animals are playing football. The ball is a golden ball studded with spikes.


Las Camp, Westblue: The island of Las Camp is attacked by pirates who want to loot the island and then make their way to the Grand Line. The navy sends the island help from the 80th unit, but they are not on the scene yet. These events play out like this all over the world.

Review: Ivankov, along with his trannies, says goodbye to Jinbe and Hancock, as his promise to protect Luffy has been fulfilled. He leaves the straw-hatted boy in the hands of the fish-man. The latter agrees, as he is still too weakened to swim anyway. As the trannies cast off, Iva wishes Luffy well and asks him to keep fighting and not die.

Amazon Lily, Calm Belt: The Heart pirate gang has been allowed to move around part of Women’s Island as they are concerned about Luffy’s health. Luffy has woken up, but walks away from the men, crying out for Ace, his lost brother. Jinbe asks Law what will happen if Luffy doesn’t continue to take it easy. He replies that his wounds will reopen, which would result in Luffy dying for good.

Meanwhile, Hancock, who is in her castle, is told that Luffy has woken up. She wants to go to him immediately. Gloriosa wants to stop her, because it doesn’t reflect well on her to meet a man alone, especially since she’s already given a horde of men sanctuary on the island. Sandersonia and Marigold are worried about Hancock, since she’s barely eaten since her return. Hancock, however, now gets the idea that Luffy must be completely famished and orders the most delicious delicacies to be brought to him. She wants to personally oversee his healing. Gloriosa forbids Hancock from meeting Luffy until he has recovered. Hancock objects because she is the Snake Princess, the ruler of the island. Gloriosa, however, is able to dissuade Hancock for good by reminding her that the island’s laws, which have been in place for many generations, have already been strained enough. She worries about the nasty virus Hancock has contracted. She also wonders what the gods plan to do with the little ant who survived the giant typhoon (talk about Luffy surviving the war in Marine Ford).

On the beach, the Heart pirates wonder where Luffy and Jinbe went. They couldn’t follow them because Hancock forbade them from crossing the line she drew. Two of the Heart pirates would like to set foot on the island and check out the Isle of Women, especially since the Kuja pirates smelled so good. Bepo wonders if there are any female bears on the island, to which he is yelled at that this is the island of women.

Luffy is on a rampage in the forest. He’s not sure if what he experienced was a dream or reality. Also, he doesn’t seem to know where he is. He remembers Ace’s last words, his wound bleeding profusely, and continues to destroy the forest, screaming. As he does so, he is watched by Jinbe. Jinbe remembers Ace’s request to take care of Luffy should anything happen to him. Jinbe tells Luffy that the war is over. But when he goes to tell him that Ace has died, he is interrupted by Luffy, who doesn’t want to hear those words. Luffy has already taken so many hits that his skin is threatening to peel off his cheeks, but he hasn’t woken up. He slowly realizes that what he doesn’t want to hear is reality and he’s not dreaming. In tears, he asks Jinbe if Ace actually died, to which he confirms. Luffy now remembers the first time he met Ace.

Flashback, ten years earlier: Garp tells Luffy that he’s about to meet Ace. He is to be his new big brother. Luffy has no interest in this, as he wants to be the next pirate king. Garp, however, thinks that he and Ace should become the strongest naval fighters of their generation. They are on their way to Mt. Corbo behind the Foosha Village, Garp pulling Luffy along by the cheek. Luffy complains that it hurts him, even though he’s made of rubber. Garp sees it as a mistake to have left Luffy in the warm-hearted village. At a hut in the forest, they knock.

Dadan appears. The person, known so far only from stories, turns out to be a woman who is the leader of a group of mountain raiders. She asks him for a break from Ace, whom she has been raising for ten years now and is at the end of her rope. She is even more horrified that Garp now wants to hand her another boy to take care of. The Navy Vice Admiral is now blackmailing Dadan into raising Luffy as well: If she refuses, she’ll go behind bars for the crimes she committed. Dadan then immediately agrees, even though she admits to herself that prison would be a welcome change, unlike raising Ace.

Suddenly, Luffy is spat on. Ace has come home, to which Dadan is astonished. Garp introduces Luffy and Ace to each other. They will live together from now on. The two boys look at each other with hatred.

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