One Piece Chapter 581


Shanks and Buggy are having a drink together in a bar. Their bartender is a gorilla.


Throughout the world, news of the Navy’s victory over the pirates and Whitebeard’s downfall is spread. Even the gangs of the Supernovae, with the exception of course of the Straw Hat Pirates and the Heart Pirates, hear this news. Not only that, they are even in the waters off Marine Ford, as they are men and women who wanted to witness this turning point in history, the beginning of the new era, live.

X. Drake states that a great change must now be made – both on the part of the navy and the pirates. Bege states that now the areas that were under Whitebeard’s control and protection are becoming places of blood. Blackbeard and his crew are the key and are in the eye of the storm from now on, meanwhile Urouge thinks. Apoo wonders why Law saved Luffy, after all Law isn’t exactly famous for his cordial nature. Besides, Luffy is an enemy to them all. Bonney is angry at an unnamed person who she blames for everything. Hawkins lays out the cards for Luffy and is amazed to find that no matter how many times he consults the cards, the probability of his survival is never zero. Kid contributes that the war isn’t over. There is a new power: Blackbeard. Moreover, now that Whitebeard is dead, a gap in the balance of power in the New World emerges alongside the other emperors, Red Hair, Kaidou, and Big Mom. The new era is upon them.

All over the world, people are celebrating. On Jaya, especially motivated pirates are shown, who now that Whitebeard has confirmed the existence of the One Piece, want to set out again with old courage to find it. On an insignificant naval base, the soldiers there are also celebrating the navy’s victory and dreaming of being called up to naval headquarters someday.

However, due to the one-sided reporting, people are not clear on the meaning of Whitebeard’s death: On an island that Whitebeard was in control of, the pirate Brownbeard marches in with his crew. The islanders try to protect themselves with Whitebeard’s name, but since he is dead, he can no longer protect them.

On the navy ship Hancock has set out to find Luffy: The soldiers are petrified and Boa has found the submarine with the help of her snake Salome. Law appears, he performed surgery on Luffy, which saved his life, though Law can’t say yet if Luffy will survive or not, as the damage he took has been incredible. Ivankov confirms that it was to be expected, after all he fought to the bone and before attacking Marine Ford he also threw the Impel Down into turmoil. The refugees are looking forward to soon making their way to the Kamabakka Kingdom, something they’ve dreamed of for so many years. Ivankov reflects that all the damage Luffy’s body had to endure to save his brother is nothing compared to the pain of watching him die before his eyes.

Ivankov wants to know from Law if he and Luffy are friends, which Law denies. Ivankov, however, doesn’t want to know the reasons why he came to rescue Luffy then. Suddenly, the badly wounded Jinbe appears, thanking Law for saving him, but Law just wants to send him to bed or he’ll die. But Jinbe can’t sleep as his heart is full of sorrow because of the losses the world has suffered. Then he worries about Luffy and is afraid of the situation he wakes up in.

Hancock wants to radio the Kuja pirate ship to escort her and the sub to Amazon Lily. Because if the Navy finds out Luffy is still alive, she’ll hunt him down for sure. But since she still holds the title of Samurai of the Seas, Luffy is safe on the Isle of Women.

Marine HQ: Sengoku receives information from Brannew about what happened in Impel Down: Magellan is extremely badly wounded, yet he takes all responsibility for what happened in his prison upon himself. Brannew is afraid that if Magellan can move again, he might kill himself. In level 6, the biggest disaster has happened. Blackbeard turned the level’s prisoners on each other, taking only the survivors. And although Blackbeard only took four prisoners of that level, more than those are missing. At this, Sengoku is horrified, for now some of the world’s greatest criminals are at large and will do terrible deeds in the lands where they appear. He immediately wants to know all the names of those who have escaped and that the old wanted posters be reissued. Brannew, however, has another piece of bad news: the World Government has declared the Impel Down outbreaks secret, which means that no wanted posters can be handed out. Sengoku is very angry about this.

Meanwhile, in the streets of Marine Ford, Moria is attacked by Donquixote Doflamingo and some Pacifista. Flamingo tells Moria that he is no longer worthy of being one of The Seven Warlords of the Seas. He will spread that Moria died in the historic battle on Marine Ford, instead of being wiped out by the World Government as is correct. Moria wants to know if this order came from Sengoku, which is denied. The order comes from higher up.

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