One Piece Chapter 579


Karoo chisels Vivi a sculpture out of a tree.


Grand Line, Marine Ford: A Marine officer uses binoculars to try to find out who owns the submarine that suddenly appeared and discovers it is Trafalgar Law from the Northblue, who was already believed to be an accomplice to “Straw Hat” Monkey D. Luffy in the Tenryuubito incident on the Sabaody Archipelago.

Buggy keeps wanting to know the unknown man’s name, but Law just says to finally throw Jinbe and Luffy down to him. Meanwhile, naval battleships open fire on Law’s ship.

An announcement is made telling all marines to focus equally on the Blackbeard and Whitebeard pirate gangs. Meanwhile, Blackbeard has once again used his new devil power to continue destroying the island as advertised. Even Jesus Burgess wants to calm his captain, but the latter even seeks Sengoku’s and Garp’s lives, whose era should also be over here.

There’s a message being sent to the public on the Sabaody Archipelago. Due to the fact that the Naval Headquarters has become an earthquake epicenter, there is a tsunami danger on the south side of the archipelago. The people there are shocked and flee in panic to Grove 40 to 50.

Meanwhile, the Pacifista army was able to join the fight with the rest of the Whitebeard gang and fire their lasers at the pirates.

Elsewhere, Koby is in despair. His friend Helmeppo tries to reassure him, but the never-ending war and the ever-increasing number of casualties leave Koby with no peace of mind. Tashigi and Smoker also question what “justice” actually is when they see Vice Admiral Doberman not helping a wounded man and instead continuing to fight the fleeing pirates. Meanwhile, Akainu was able to defeat Curiel.

Buggy, still holding Jinbe and Luffy, is pierced out of nowhere by a beam of light at his collar. Startled, he realizes that it came from Kizaru, who advises him that he’d better give them up willingly. He quickly throws the two unconscious pirates into Jean Bart’s arms to ensure his own survival. Even as Bepo surveys Luffy’s horrific wounds and orders Law to dive, the Admiral readies himself for his next attack.

Suddenly, there is a loud shout with the words “Enough is enough!”. The attention of everyone present turns to Koby, who has stood in Akainu’s way. He doesn’t want to continue witnessing this war, even though the navy’s real goal has long been achieved. He calls Sakazuki’s attitude a “waste of life” and “stupid.” Garp is surprised at Koby’s courage. This is in stark contrast to Admiral Sakazuki, who sees Koby as a troublemaker whom he wants to remove from the Navy with his magma fist.

Koby has already finished with his life and falls over unconscious when all of a sudden the Emperor Shanks appears and blocks the attack with his sword. Everyone on Marine Ford is stunned at the appearance of this great figure. Shanks praises Koby for his seconds of courage and says it will change the fate of the world.

From ambush Kizaru wants to attack Shanks, but is threatened by Benn Beckman with a revolver. The admiral seems to have no chance and raises his hands willingly.

Shanks, meanwhile, has picked up the straw hat he once gave to Luffy from the ground and proclaims that he wants to end this battle once and for all.

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