One Piece Chapter 578


The Straw Hat Pirates is on the back of a dragon playing with parrots.


Grand Line, Marine Ford: The marines flee the collapsing naval headquarters. They are horrified at what is being done to the Fortress of Justice, which has protected the seas of the entire world for centuries. Simultaneously, onlookers on the Sabaody Archipelago are horrified at what is happening. First Blackbeard turned Ace in and now he has stolen the devil’s power from Whitebeard. They worry about the future of the world.

Meanwhile, Blackbeard raves about the new power surging through his body. He feels like he can transform anything in the world to suit him. Then he wants to start sinking this island into the sea. Suddenly, Sengoku, in his form given by the Devil Fruit, attacks. With a massive shockwave, he is able to deal a major blow to the Blackbeard gang. Sengoku explains what Marine Ford, which can be easily rebuilt later, means to the world. Marine Ford is the center of the world and is there for the people who fear the worst criminals. It is the reason why this island exists. “Justice, also known as morality, can never be destroyed. He calls Blackbeard a greenhorn who should refrain from making statements that indirectly talk about destroying justice and morality in the entire world. Blackbeard wants to see Sengoku defend these emblems.

Meanwhile, Ivankov and Inazuma, who stood in Akainu’s way, are defeated by the same. The admiral demands that Jinbe hand over Dragon’s son. Jinbe, however, flees from the Logia Devil Fruit user and tries to escape into the sea, since he has an advantage there as a fish-man and can safely escape. But Aokiji has frozen the sea, so the former Samurai of the Seas can’t escape through the water. And that’s when Akainu shows up again. Jinbe lashes out at the admiral, but the blow has no effect. Akainu, on the other hand, punches through Jinbe and even hits Luffy. The other pirates cheer Jinbe to punch through to them and hand Luffy over. At the same time, they wonder if Jinbe is still alive.

Akainu lands next to the downed fish-man and complains that Jinbe is complicating things. He asks him if now is really the time to worry about others. Jinbe deflected his punch that took him down a bit, so it didn’t hit Luffy’s heart. He tries to soften Jinbe up that things could be so much easier. Then he threatens him that Luffy is dead before he can even react. Suddenly, Akainu is sabered by Crocodile. Crocodile flings Jinbe and Luffy into the air with orders directed at no one in particular that they are to grab them and bring them aboard. If they’re going to protect someone, he wants them to do it right. He doesn’t want Akainu to get the upper hand any further since he’s from the Navy.

Buggy, who was about to escape, accidentally catches Jinbe and Luffy out of the air. His followers think this was intentional and he never intended to escape, but to save his jail mate. They sink back into praising Buggy. Buggy, meanwhile, realizes who he’s caught and wonders why they’re flying through the air covered in blood. Suddenly, a massive magma fist appears, but Buggy is able to dodge it. Jinbe thanks Buggy for saving them, but he’s supposed to take care of Luffy first since he’s hurt so badly because of him. Buggy, however, gets upset that no one in their right mind would help anyone in this situation.

Akainu wonders why everyone here is willing to lay down their lives for the Straw Hat Pirate. These reply that it is a matter of honor, after all Luffy tried to save Ace. Moreover, he has managed to attract the attention of their “old man”. It is now their duty to bring Luffy over to the new age. Akainu scoffs at these words. Marco notes that the dangerous potential of Luffy that the Admiral wants to destroy and the great expectations that the Whitebeard pirates are just trying to protect are the same things. Akainu now attacks, as he feels the situation can no longer be settled with words.

Meanwhile, Jinbe has also passed out. Because of this, Buggy doesn’t know what to do anymore. The pirates and soldiers wonder if the war will ever end. Buggy’s followers want Buggy to do something. Suddenly, something emerges from the water. A submarine. Someone demands that Buggy give him “Mr. Straw Hat.” Buggy wants to know who the speaker is. The latter explains that he and Luffy will probably have an adversarial relationship later, but even if it is adversarial, a relationship is a relationship. He would find it too boring if “Mr. Straw Hat” died here. He wants to make sure he escapes and asks that Luffy be handed over to him for this time. After all, he is a doctor. The speaker is the supernova Trafalgar Law.

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