One Piece Chapter 577


Zoro argues with Chopper, with them standing on a crocodile in a lake full of crocodiles.


The death of Whitebeard crosses the screens of the world. The rescue of Portgas D. Ace by his Nakamas, Whitebeard’s band of pirates, has failed and the captain is dead. This is a story that will be told to many generations to come, but those who witnessed it stand silent in awe at the moment. Silvers Rayleigh toasts the departed. Whitebeard lived to be 72, he was the captain of the Whitebeard Pirates, he was the “Great Pirate” Edward Newgate. This man lost his life in the epic battle against the Naval Headquarters and The Seven Warlords of the Seas.

Grand Line, Marine Ford: Whitebeard’s followers have no time to mourn; they strive to carry out their captain’s last order and get out of Marine Ford. Blackbeard, on the other hand, disappears under a black cloth that his men throw over Whitebeard’s still-standing corpse. The Marine and Whitebeard’s people wonder what Teach is planning, but his crew won’t let anyone touch them. Shiryu wonders if the crew will disband if the captain’s plan fails.

Meanwhile, Buggy escapes. The Impel Down escapees want to know why he’s leaving. He says that he has no reason to stay here anymore, since he can’t get his hands on Whitebeard’s head. However, he thinks that he is far too afraid of Whitebeard. He starts to cry and reasons that he had a lot of respect for Whitebeard. His followers think that he is crying because Buggy and Whitebeard, who were enemies, have become friends. They idolize Buggy and follow him everywhere.

Jinbe brings the unconscious Luffy to the ship to escape. He talks to him about staying alive and being strong. He reminisces about the time when he was imprisoned with Ace in the Impel Down. At the time, Ace asked him to take care of Luffy should he actually die. However, Jinbe declined that offer, not wanting to take care of someone he didn’t respect. Jinbe has almost reached the ship when the port is frozen. Now the pirates must stop Aokiji.

In front of Jinbe, Akainu suddenly emerges from the earth, which he simply melts away. He demands that Luffy be handed over. Jinbe refuses, saying he will defend Luffy with his life. Akainu then plans to attack. The Whitebeard pirates want to support Jinbe, since Luffy is now their brother too. However, Emporio Ivankov beats them to it and attacks Akainu with a Hell Wink.

Meanwhile, Blackbeard reappears under the sheet. The navy wants to know what he did there, after all there is no change in Whitebeard. Blackbeard now shows the navy his true strength. Using a “Black Hole” he half sinks some marines into the ground and introduces this as his darkness power. He then hits them with an earthquake so strong that Marine Ford is completely destroyed. This is the earthquake power. Marine and Whitebeard pirates are shocked that Blackbeard has Whitebeard’s powers. Blackbeard celebrates himself as ultimately strong, possessing the power of darkness, which can turn everything into nothing, and the power of earthquakes, which is all-destructive. No one can stand in his way now. The navy soldiers wonder how one can steal a devil fruit power. One of the soldiers collapses, as the earthquake fruit’s reign of terror is not over after all. The Whitebeard pirates wonder how it is possible for one person to have two devil powers inside them. Marco says that it’s not possible for normal people either, but Blackbeard isn’t a normal person either. Marco mentions an oddity about Teach’s body and suspects that this is the reason for his survival.

Blackbeard now has a message for the entire world: everyone out there hoping for eternal peace, including the Navy, the World Government, and all the pirates of the world should know that the future of the world has been decided. Now begins HIS era.


  • In the devil fruit theory section, there are speculations as to how Blackbeard could manage to combine the powers of two devil fruits.
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