One Piece Chapter 576


Brook, Franky, and Robin are building a birdhouse.


Grand Line, Marine Ford: The Navy is appalled to see prisoners from the 6th level of the Impel Down. These prisoners are the worst criminals in the world, banished from the face of the earth for good reason. You absolutely must not let them escape.

What follows is a brief introduction of the four new members of the Blackbeard gang: the pirate San-Juan Wolf, aka the giant battleship and largest creature to walk the earth, the former, incompetent King Avalo Pizarro, the “frequent drinker” Vasco Shot, and Catharina Devon. It is also revealed that Shiryu has joined Blackbeard.

Sengoku now wants to know from the new swordsman of the Blackbeard gang what happened to Magellan and the Impel Down and how the gang got here. Shiryu, however, says he should see for himself later, now they want to get acquainted with the navy and the situation. Suddenly, a soldier reports to Sengoku that the gates of justice opened some time ago and a single ship passed through the gate. Sengoku wants to know why no one was in the control room, but Laffitte interferes and confesses that he hypnotized the soldier in the control room into opening the Gates of Justice at any time.

Blackbeard now reports that he only needed the title of Samurai of the Seas to set foot in the Impel Down unhindered. Now he no longer needs the title.

Suddenly, Whitebeard begins an attack on his hated former son, slamming him into a wall. Whitebeard calls him the one piece of shit he will never call a son because he broke the only rule on Whitebeard’s ship: He killed a nakama. In the name of the murdered man, he now seeks revenge. Blackbeard counters that he hoped he would. He makes a black hole appear and taunts Whitebeard that both Thatch and Ace are dead. He attests that Whitebeard respected him wholeheartedly, but he has become an old man who could not even save a single member of his crew from execution. Yet Blackbeard would have brought Ace here alive from Banaro solely for that reason. Whitebeard’s commanders have to be restrained because of Blackbeard’s taunts, while the navy, which took custody of the dead Ace, wonders what that strange black stuff is that SSG from Blackbeard.

Whitebeard lunges to strike, but Teach is not afraid, for no force could harm him. He asks Whitebeard what it’s like not to be able to use earthquakes, but he just slams him into the ground with pure muscle. Blackbeard screams in pain. Whitebeard congratulates Blackbeard for relying too much on his devil fruit and thereby neglecting his defenses. He then grabs him by the neck and hits the former Samurai of the Seas in the face with an earthquake. The latter begs for mercy, surely Whitebeard wouldn’t want to kill his own son. Filled with pain, Blackbeard screams at his opponent that he should have been dead long ago. Then he blows the big attack and his entire crew falls on Whitebeard until all the pistols are empty.

Flashback: Whitebeard and Roger are drinking sake together. Roger has told Whitebeard that he will turn himself in and therefore die. The pirate king offers to tell his adversary and drinking buddy how to get to Laugh Tale, but Whitebeard waves it off. He has no interest in doing so. Roger mentions that the world government has recently started calling him “Gold Roger” – instead of Gol D. Roger. Whitebeard says that every now and then he has met people who have a D. in their name, even in his crew there is one: Teach. He wants to know what the meaning of the D. is. Roger tells him.

Present: Whitebeard tells his former son that he is not one of “them”. Blackbeard is shocked that his former father is still alive. Whitebeard tells him that Blackbeard is not one of the ones Gol D. Roger has been waiting for, the ones who will take over Roger’s legacy and now Ace’s. Their bloodline is nearly extinct and has been downplayed before, their importance erased from the history books centuries ago. But sometime in the future, they will come and start a war that will engulf the world government. He himself doesn’t care. It will take the world by surprise. Someone should set out and find the treasure. Whitebeard announces that the One Piece really exists.

Sengoku is very incensed by this, after all Whitebeard has just challenged the world in front of cameras to become a pirate, find the One Piece and thus wipe out the world government.

In his mind, Whitebeard apologizes to his sons for allowing himself to be defeated by such an idiot, but he cannot go any further than beyond his human limits. He leaves the rest to them to finish.

Flashback: young Edward Newgate is asked by his former Nakamas what he wishes for, if he is not after treasure. Newgate replies that there is something he has wanted since his youth. His friends eagerly await the answer. It is: a family.

Whitebeard, continuing in thought, bids farewell to his sons. Then he dies, standing, with his weapon in his hand. Even in death, his body has never given up fighting his enemies. Whitebeard is truly a man who can be called a “monster”. In the battle for Ace, his body has endured 267 sword thrusts and stabs, 562 bullets have entered his body, and he has been hit by 56 cannonballs. As a testament to his courage and pride, there is evidence on his back that he has not fled from a single opponent in his entire life as a pirate, not a single scar. Whitebeard is dead.

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