One Piece Chapter 575


Sanji and Usopp lie on the back of a smoking camel and look at the starry sky together.


Luffy is still kneeling in front of Portgas D. Ace, who has just died, and his look is one of helplessness and grief. He remembers the time when Ace and he became brothers. Marco, Whitebeard, and Jinbe also shed a few tears. Now all the pirates slowly realize what just happened: the commander of the second division of the Whitebeard gang has died! The incident is also registered on the Sabaody Archipelago thanks to the Den-den Mushis.

Emporio Ivankov notices that Luffy’s nerves are completely shot, making him an easy target for the marines. Jinbe is also worried about the straw hat again. Akainu now also tries to kill the completely devastated Luffy with his devil powers, but his attack is blocked by Marco. He tells Jinbe to get Luffy away quickly, and that the Whitebeard gang will do whatever it takes to make sure Ace’s brother survives. The pirates agree and eventually the fish man runs off with Luffy.

Still, Akainu doesn’t want to give up and he says once again that he won’t let Ace or Luffy live. But in the next moment Whitebeard appears behind him and gives the admiral a fist punch, which has once again gained in hardness with the powers of his devil fruit. Akainu is forced to spit blood, but he too lands an attack with a magma fist that scorches the left side of Whitebeard’s face. But the Emperor lunges to counter-attack and strikes again with his fist. Akainu is hit again, and the naval headquarters is also affected. The admiral curses Whitebeard and is out of the fight for the time being.

The extent of Whitebeard’s second attack against Akainu is now becoming apparent: he has split the whole of Oris Square in two! Some marines fall into the sea through the huge rift that has opened up. On one side of the square are now all the pirates, on the other the complete force of the navy and Whitebeard himself. His gang mourns him, and Sengoku is impressed by the emperor’s immense strength, even though he has just lost half his face. But the latter only says that he is far from finished. The pirate alliance is now trying to get to the rescue ships. Hancock is very worried about Luffy and speaks to her snake Salome. Meanwhile, Whitebeard continues to fight tirelessly against the navy.

Suddenly, some marines notice something huge just behind the naval headquarters. This is a giant in convict clothing, who now also notices that he has been spotted. But the soldiers notice several other people who are on the scaffold. Sengoku can’t believe how he managed to get here. Doflamingo again finds the incident highly amusing and Whitebeard watches him with a spiteful look: It is Marshal D. Teach with his band of pirates and still accompanied by the giant, an elderly woman, a taller man with a sacco, all three of them wearing convict clothes. Also with them is another man with a white crescent beard and horns, and of course Shiryu, the former guard commander of the Impel Down. Blackbeard says he’s glad he made it in time for his “father’s” death.

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