One Piece Chapter 573


Karoo rides a bear through icy climes.


Grand Line, Marine Ford: Whitebeard attacks the entire island. The navy is shocked that the pirate actually plans to destroy the entire island. Whitebeard’s comrades can’t believe he wants to leave without them. But the old man asks them to disobey an order from their captain. They are to leave immediately. The navy now wants to hunt Whitebeard down, but he can still dish it out fiercely.

Luffy tries to convince Ace to come aboard the ship, but he wavers, as do others in the crew. Marco, the soon-to-be new captain of the gang, is told by another crew member to bend to Whitebeard’s will. The pirates also want to transport away Jozu, who has been frozen by Aokiji, but they are too weak, so they call for Blenheim.

Meanwhile, Sengoku doesn’t care if the pirates can escape or not, as long as they can finally defeat Whitebeard. Garp, bloodied in the face from Luffy’s punch, thinks it’s the perfect time to let the old era “end”.

The Den Den Mushi that Buggy’s trailers have is functional again. Buggy decides to continue with his display and has it activated. On the Sabaody Archipelago, the people are delighted to finally learn what happens next, but not to see only Buggy again.

Ace burns some marines around him and gets on his knees in front of Whitebeard. The latter, however, does not want to hear an apology. Rather, he wants to know if he has been a good father, to which Ace of course agrees. They are then interrupted by Jinbe, who orders them to the ship (a stolen naval battleship).

Akainu, meanwhile, speaks derisively of the pirates, thinking they might escape. He attacks those fleeing with a massive magma fist and makes fun of Whitebeard. When Ace hears the admiral call Whitebeard a failure, he stops and yells at him to stop insulting the latter. But Akainu continues, pulling down the pirate gang, who laughably call themselves family, laughing at Whitebeard for letting one of his “sons” hurt him badly, who never became “king.” Ace counters that Whitebeard gave them all a place to live, the one who made this era what it was. Ace now gives the era the name it deserves: WHITEBEARD!

Suddenly, Akainu attacks Ace, who wasn’t expecting it, and even though Ace ate of a Logia Devil Fruit, the attack causes him pain and burns. This is because Ace is only “fire”, while Akainu is all-burning “magma”.

Luffy loses the Vivre Card from Ace. He reaches for it, but in doing so attracts the attention of the Admiral. Akainu declares that he will never let the sons of Gol D. Roger and Monkey D. Dragon get away and attacks the completely surprised Luffy. Ace jumps in between and Akainu pierces Ace’s torso with his flame hand. Ace is hit hard. The Vivre Card is almost completely incinerated.

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